LSW 1838 Tai Koo, Greig Road


Hare - Wanchai W@nker

There were only four runners present when I arrived at the start at 2 minutes to seven. No hare, no water and no beer but plenty of melting ice that Hopeless had brought along.

When the hare Wanchai Wanker finally arrived the number of runners had doubled and by the time he gave us the run instructions it had tripled.

After a "Don't do the Rambo if it takes you 45 min to get to the split" we took off. Up Greig Road to the Wilson Trail. "There is nowhere else to go" someone said but that is not entirely true. Some LSW hare (Hopeless?) once set a run that took us down the street opposite the Wilson.

The first CB took us down to the catch water. There Gobi Lo was seen scaling the 3.5 metre fence blocking her way. She could have walked around it like the rest of us but I guess the temptation to do some climbing was just too great. Did any of you see Gobi Lo's rock climbing photo on FB just a few days ago?

Further up the catchwater there are 2 trails up the hill. The hare trail took us up the trail to the right that leads to the Blue Dot Trail going left just below Mt Parker Road but before we got there some of us had to endure a looooong CB down a trail from the War time kitchen.

Then along the Blue dot trail to a steep shiggy path taking us up to a Pagoda and up and down more stairs and trail to a left turn up Mt Parker Rd. Next to me Ivana Nucock was trotting up the road so I proceeded to lecture her about the choices ahead.

1. The shiggy trail down General rock that Catch of the Day once used. (A crappy choice)
2. The trail to Boa Vista. (Too long)
3. The road down to Tai Tam Reservoir. (Also too long)
4. The stairs up Mt Butler. (Good choice)

"I know it is going up Mt Butler" said Ivana Nucock. How she knew she did not say. But if anyone can tickle info out of Wanchai Wanker it must be Ivana Nucock ……

Anyway at the Check in front of the toilets the front runners were checking all the possibilities except the stairs up Mt Butler so Ivana Nucock and I were the first ones up that trail.

Once at the summit Crash Test Dummy, Cheesy Flying Fux and Gobi Lo had caught up.

After a few hundred metres on the roller coaster ridge CFF came running back shouting "CB!".

The pack turned around back down the trail except for Crash test Dummy and Dr. Evil who were too lazy and too smart to go for that s… diversion knowing very well that the hare would take us back up to the trail we were already on. So we ran over the CB and true enough found markings further ahead.

From then on it was just a home run. Along the roller coaster ridge to the radio station - down to Sir Cecil's Ride - Mt Parker Road where CFF and Gobi Lo caught up again. Those guys are fast.

Then Kings Road and back to the start at Grieg Road sitting out area.

At the finish the usual chit chat and cold drinks went on endlessly as usual. Old Sock who usually takes off after one beer stayed on surprisingly long.

When it was finally time to go to the bash there was only five of us left. WW the hare, Hopeless, Toilet Spray, Frank the Plank and Dr Evil.

Someone said the repulsive smell of the hare was to blame for people skipping the bash but there were also rumors that Wanchai Wanker scared off most female hashers by his behavior at the ladies Hash the previous evening. There he was seen at the gate of the police Officers Club stripping off his clothes and wiping his ass in full view of astonished onlookers after refusing to use the changing room and hot shower.

So we decided to call off the bash. That is a first in my memory of LSW hashing.

Hang On! As I am writing this Hash Trash Hash news is dropping down from the internet….. It appears that with a whole box of beer left Hopeless and WW proceeded to hold their own bash and Down Downs at The Queen Victoria pub in Wanchai.

Down Downs awarded by Hopeless:

The Hare - long CB's, 5,000 downhill concrete steps, late setting
The Hare - nobody wanted to eat with him
Hopeless - for taking pity.

The song was sung by WW in the middle of the pub.