LSW 1837 Ching Ming, Lamma


Hares: Macau Drunk & Barbie

So a daytime run on Lamma courtesy of Ruggero, mouth watering at the very least as a way to pass up Ching Ming festival. Very busy day for public transport with the 14:00 ferry filling and an extra one being put on at 14:15 to which many of the pack including Indy, the dog, the "charge" (Max) were to board alongside the likes of Hopeless, F3M, Frank The Plank, and Buttfan.

Marked up to Chez Ruggero the pack went, finally forming a group of 54 according to the rapidly updated website.

Not all 54 were there when we set out but a good bunch of 30 or so headed out right from the house gate. Some straight running took us to Shek Kok Tsui, before a Check Back into the shiggy and up over back towards Pak Kok.

A wrong guess for half the pack left on the drainpipe allowed local lad Bravefart to hit the front, hotly pursued by Inflato. We came up to the split with the Wimps cutting left and the Rambos on a long climb and around to rejoin back around the 5.75km mark on the attached GPS map.

Then a more or less run in home back to the Ruggero mansion and the cold drinks and smells of roasting lamb.

Down downs were delivered by Hopeless

The Hares: Macau Drunk & Barbie - excellent run and food.

Indy - on time as thought it was a 2pm ferry and was, in fact the 14:30.

Motormouth - late, usual "I had to work" excuse.

Indy - having to but a muzzle to get on the ferry…. (she had a dog with her, it wasn't what you think….. Uh Uh Uh Uh !

Shitler - waiting for his date at the ferry pier. And waiting. And waiting…..

Racing (again on Lamma) - Backdraft and Thingy In My Bottom.

Hairy Crack - also racing.

Pugak - spotted on the Rambos. (How DID he get there…?).

Non-runners - Linda and Linda!

All the Discovery Bay / Stepford Town residents - Buttfan, Britney, etc.

Returnees - Buttfan, Britney, Paul Bayne, F3M and Frank the Plank.

The "AVOHK" racing team of Ivan, Indy, Lavender, and Dothan - only 2 of you not all are supposed to be over 40 years of ager!

Thingy In My Bottom - still married after taking wife on FCH3 last month for 3 hours "walk".

Hash Crash - Hairy Crack.

Hash Fight - parents in - Linda (Max) and Randy Von Fokker (Jules).

Randy - model hash husband - sends wife and kid back when it's time for the Down Downs.

Lavender - sporting the "Lamma made" LSWH3 Hash Cash apron.

Buttfan - overenthusiastic ex-Hash Cash - collecting the food money.

Those still owed money from the Bondi run - Inflato & G-String.

All the RS2H3 autopayers who continue to diss the LSWH3.

Backdraft - leaving for 5 weeks to get married, honeymoon, etc.

Camel - is only know as "Camel" in the LSWH3 hashlist.

Overenthusiastic lovers of "sausage" - TVM, Thing In My Bottom and Indy.

And to sing the song, the Hares and the old timers.


Lamma 120404 7.55km 57min