LSW 1836 Wong Nai Chung Gap


The start was at the Wong Nai Chung Gap sitting out area on Tai Tam Reservoir Road. 26 runners including a visit from Retarded Buttf**k and Chocolate Starfish Up the road to a check at Parkview Through the barrier and down the road, then left into the shiggy Big traverse round the north of the reservoir towards the quarry or so it shows on the map - I had no clue where we were for most of the run… Sweep back south again to emerge on Mount Parker Road Straight down the road to the sitting out area at the bottom

Great run that kept most of the pack together and smiling Showers in the sports centre and on to the bash at a local banquet restaurant

Down downs by Indyanus

The hares - Crash Test Dummy & Catch of the Day

COTD - previous haring exploits - Tung Chung - lost BOF. Heng Fa Chuen - General Rock killer descent

COTH - a run that everyone liked (and survived)

COTD - nothing to do with this run - just did her hair

Indy - where's the washing machine

Tightlips - nearly stayed in the taxi when she found it was a Kin run. Thermal Dick forced her out

Gary Glitter - swinging from branch to branch on the super rambos

Returnees - Retarded Buttfu*k and Chocolate Starfish. Any news from Perth - no

Gobi Lo Ho - back from the glorious sunshine in Wales

Higgie - Thing in My Bottom ¿que?

Comes Up the Rear - comes earlier than before

Nia - two slithers of lettuce and a glass of water 'cos she's already had her wedding dress made

Indy - downhill champion - cigs and booze

Nia, Gobi Lo & Toilet Spray - all facebooking at the dinner table

Thermal Dick - serious lack of people who enjoy the hash

Thermal Dick - feels tall on the Sunday hash but short on the Wednesday

Nia - worried about face-planting before her impending nuptials

COTH - almost wearing some clothing at the 7s - dressed as Lady Gaga

Ariba Llanelli - ¿whatever

Chatroom - going on holiday with Stinky Sexy Toy but has to share a room with Inflate-a-Date

Lost in Planet - pilot meltdown story

Gary Glitter - racing on the hash - "oh look, there's Lost in Planet - let's beat him"

The song - returnees & the hares


Also add an overlay of the LSWnker/Hopeless simlar trail for comparison. (yellow was 12km).

LSW 1836 Wong Nai Chung to Quarry Bay 7.97km 69min


LSW 1836 + 1816