LSW 1834 Hang Hau


True to form, no Gin n Vomit the week before her run, thus avoiding having to do the write up (and trying to read Indy's handwritten notes for the Down Downs). So I end up writing the Run Report for the 2nd week in a row.....

True to form 2 - GnV sets the run at the last possible minute, straggles of flour to the new Hang Hau park start point, hare appears just before the run having just set.

True to form 3 - no ice for the beers (!). But Guinness in the bag due to St. Patrick's Day looming on Saturday.

True to form 4 - no recce of the run. But slight variation. With a new iPad and openstreetmap, GnV can now "recce" runs while actually setting, using technology, rather than the old ways of "Countryside Map" of Clearwaterbay.......

True to form 5 - the run. Actually no - a good run. That makes two in a row so things are looking up for the Hareline and Indy's efforts to fill it.

It looks like total rehabilitation for one of the few hares ever on LSWH3 to turn up to a run and state no actual run was set......

So off the pack goes around the cycle track and first Check through TKO Sports Stadium. Another Check into the alleyway after going over the footbridge and then across the road to the terracing and the service road up above the Good Hope Hospital.

So was it to be right and the old fort or left towards Wilson Trail..... Yes left, leaving the FRBs behind as Hopeless blazed trail into the shiggy. Half way up he was passed by Cheesy (naturally) and Come Into My Tunnel. As well as one of ADWD's dogs.

Tricky Check at the top saw Backdraft call the trail wrong as his alcohol_fueled weekend was obviously catching up with him.

But trail was found, cut down through the graveyard, another service road and then the long slog down the road towards Po Lam.

"Metal ladders" Hopeless advised Macau Drunk, and sure enough a Check Back onto the steps and basically on home from there.

Good run, pack stayed together until the last 2km sprint home with Cheesy Flying Fux missing a few turns, allowing Backdraft to "win" the hash.

On to the Thai in Hang Hau Village and LSWanker's DD's.

Backdraft - Front running and bringing the whole pack back together by misinterpreting some flour "What that's not a T?" No it's an arrow BD

Any Dick Will Do - Not keeping her dogs under control as usual, almost tripping half the front runners up as they ran up and down the hill between ADWD and the front runner

Bobbledick - leading most of the back markers astray and getting lost again turning up as one of the last runners in

Toilet Spray - Predictably last out of the shower and following the markers to the food

Cheesy Flying Fux - (lookalike) spamming the Wanchai hash list with this Salsa class adverts

Backdraft - shortcutting on the hash and beating Cheesy Flying Fux in by a whisker

Rainer - Returnee from 3 months ago - We need to think of a name soon

Come in my Tunnel - Leading the Circle Master astray on trail, overtaking and then running straight into a dead end

Big Package - Welcome to the virgin - Home hash in Manila but just moving to Bangkok

Backdraft and Hopeless - //Just back from RS2H3 tour in Koh Samui and still making the hash on Wednesday

Any Dick Will Do - (lookalike) providing the 'local's' discount card for the On On despite moving out of Hang Hau 8 years previously

Filthy Festering Felch Monster and Catch of the Day - Bables Hash - on tour, live sex show in their hotel, sounded more interesting than the RS2H3 tour!

Bondi Barbi (lookalike) - send me an email with all the down downs and I'll write them up - too late Bondi!

Hopeless and F3M - Hopeless buying a $123 beer at last week's hash repossessing the glass and handing it to F3M for safe keeping to return of course

Any Dick Will Do - retiring from work, not a year over 50?

Freewheel - refusing to buy a XXL T shirt because he is too thin - in or your dreams mate!

F3M - Her dream holiday - F*ck a duck or was it a truck - there was a name in here for Rainer somewhere

Bobbledick - found with a mountain of plates in front of him at the end of the wheel looking to take Freewheel's' food hovering' record

Bobbledick - going to the rest room at the end of the meal to avoid the bill, have you paid? Who me?

F3M's DD : no accurate record - related to Fuck a duck or returnee

Hopeless DD; Backdraft - What is the funny black beer? It is Paddy's day - He's a American so we will forgive him!


LSW 1834 Hang Hau 120314 7.96km 54min