LSW 1833 Guildford Road


So 2 hobo's and their shopping trolley stood, cold and freezing at the Wellcome opposite the German-Swiss International School. Trying to peddle their wares (beers and softies) in the drizzle was proving hard as the hash pack gathering was slow and small...... until a last minute rush around 7pm to move the pack size up to 20 hardy runners.

Hardy because they were facing a pre-advertised "12km Triple Rambos"...... what was missing was the "but if you do Triple Wimps it's more like 7-8km".

But location sometimes is everything as LSWH3 was graced with the first ever appearance of RS2H3 hasher "Emmaroydes" - his office being in the school.

So around 19:15 the pack set off, down to the catchwater and a somewhat predictable Check Back. Left then, true trail, and the first split, Rambos off left on the contour and Wimps down to the reservoir. Rambos where then caught a bit by another CB at the reservoir road before a concrete thrash downhill back to the Wimps.

Next Rambos split went off towards Aberdeen before coming back to the catchwater of Lady Clementi's and then the Wimps went up the steep road to Mount Cameron while the Rambos, with Ivana Nucock and Catch Of The Day leading along the catchwater and then a Ramboisque climb up a river bed onto Black's Link. Left turn and a Check at the pagoda.

True trail was another concrete thrash along Black's Link to Wanchai Gap Playground, while Hopeless long-cutted around the back of Mount Cameron thinking that Ninja Winja would in no way subject Rambos to another knee pounding. Popping out on the Wimps trail two lady hashers were found, lost, so not lost, as Hopeless directed them back towards Wanchai Gap Playground. Kerry, Toilet Spray and Hopeless found trail marked down Wanchai Gap Road and finally on home down to the final finish at Hopewell Centre.

Good trail in cool weather and not a winge in sight. Well done the hares.

ONON to King Ludwig's Bier Keller in The Hopewell Centre for German fare and the Down Downs outside courtesy of Indy.


The Hares - F3M/Ninja Whinger...Great Run, Great triple R option

F3M - Birthday run!....Sunday is the big day!

NW - Asked F3M if he could co-hare...cause his B/day this month too!!

NW - Real reason for volunteering to assist is it's holiday time for the Japanese!! that is...

Late arrivals - Missed standing around in freezing Arctic conditions....Kerry/Comes In My Tunnel/Ivana

F3M - Very clever instructions to pack! When it says 'ON UP' it means 'ON UP', when it says 'ON HOME' it means 'ON HOME'....drrrr!!

Bag Helpers mit auto - Yummy Mummy/Inflato....

Inflato - No running due to skiing accident...

FCH survivors - Hopeless/CIMT/Macau Drunk/Indy/Kerry/Catch of the Day

Ninja - When he announced it was a 12 km run Hopeless asked for a B from memories of the FCH 'solid 12 km marathon'

F3M - A cultural week! Choosing to go to Ballet?/Theatre? rather than FCH!

Hopeless - Local knowledge? Pillow talk? Early in run refused to get sucked in by the backcheck but continued on an unmarked the flour!

Chatroom (in absentia Nic) - Talking ad nauseum on trail to Ivana re his upcoming holiday with Sticky Sex Toy! And says..'Have you got any tips for travelling with SST?'

Yummy Mummy - Chatroom then piped up...'If we have any trouble with the guides, YM will be there.....She's as tough as nails!'

Inflato - How hard is YM? No wonder his favourite expression is 'HTFU'!

Chatroom (Nic) - Also curry/chicken foodie competition on Sunday at his place?...suggest you don't read your Facebook after 4 pm Sunday unless you want his food piccies...

Discover Her Bay - After Ivana ran away from Chatroom, DHB was next in line for the chatroom chatup!!

Virgin LSW - Emmeroids, arm twisted by F3M as missing her Sunday run as on Southside tour..

Hopeless - missing F3M's Sunday run deliberately ...Southside Tour!

Returnees - Kerry...(drinking out of her own shoes last week did not frighten her away!)/Nic/ Nugget (Glenn Treasure)

Old Old Old returnee - errrr...Former former returnee Strap On Sally

Old Old Old hashers - Bob Le Dick

All hashers over 50? - let's not go down that path..

Macau D - as computer buff did not know Nugget's hash name!

Ivana - Going a gentle pace at beginning of run? Cause she had already run from Happy Valley to run start!

Strap On - Only likes to pop into HK on a Wed night for LSW...cause folks may be out of town and she would hate to impose!! Que?

COTH/Ivana - renaming the Ball Breaker Run to V****A Run

F3M - Last week's newsletter confided that Hopeless is metamorphasising into a real HARE! 17 more LSW haring duties and he will be for his 100th hared run!

Hopeless - getting own back on F3M this week by doing the write-up on her run

Macau Drunk - Put in directions Bus 15B from Tin Hau to run start! Wrong! that service only in day!

Yours Truly (Indy) ....believed MD..$65 later in a taxi....

F3M - KOTH Half ....2nd in her agegroup

Come In My Tunnel - German restaurant with expensive beer prices..Hopeless gets stung for $123 for a pint! (in German beer glass tho!)

Catch Of the Day - from Strap On ...... COTD now walks like she is doing ballet , with toes pointed inwards and heels out (or was that toes outwards and heels in?)


LSW 1833 Guildford Road to Wanchai 120307 13.14km 118mins