LSW 1832 Tin Hau


RUN 1832 and HKFH3 Run #50 - Tin Hau Temple, Tin Hau

Hares: Hopeless and…. Hopeless.

Show me the money… and if you need to know if it's legit, show me a Russian who knows her gold money from her Sunday's Wanchai Hash wet, soggy, partially disintegrated green money. Which begs the question, when it wasn't raining on Sunday why did the Wanchai Hash Hares use money to set the trail? Was it pre-planned to add some interesting fun to Hopeless' future run?

And so to the trail, having checked the LSW stats: Hopeless has hared no less than 82 runs in 650 for LSW, since he started on 28 February 1990, so 22 years and a day ago. That's not including all the times he's coached, advised, assisted or rescued other hares in peril. And don't let me start on how many he's set for other hashes in Hong Kong and overseas! But has anyone else noticed his "hare like ears" and fluffy Disney-Thumper tail growing out of his bottom…yes he's turning into a Hare!

And so, yet again to the trail. A staggering 46 turned up for the hash at the usual Tin Hau Temple start with two fantastic T-shirts to purchase. With instructions on the type of money laid, the flour, markings and a "I've not taken you through serious shiggy because of the weather", we were all handed out chalk to mark the trail and sent off up the spiral staircases along the road, down the steps, along the back roads, up more steps, up a road up some shiggy that turned into a river bed to the back of the Chinese International School. A check that confused everyone and brought the pack together and allowed others to rest. Finally trail was found up the shiggy path to the bottom of Braemar Hill.

Now this is where it gets interesting, apparently WW who said he was the front runner at that point [Ed: hard to believe] led everyone right along Sunday's WH3 markings, old green money and small dobs of old flour, shouting in his very loud voice "On On". Most followed, apart from those who ran on Sunday or just knew better and who ran left to find large dobs of flour, gold money and the true trail.

Unfortunately, I clocked around 2k extra just going backwards and forwards along that trail. Some went farther and up a shiggy river beds determined to find trail, and so they did later on… but that's another story. So left it was and along the side of Braemar Hill across the bridge to the W/R loops. At this point I decided to run the pleasant Wimps on home and was in just over an hour, so an excellent run. Thank you. Others though fell, got lost, found their own trail, delighted at the architecture and generally had an awesome time.

So well done Hare for your 83rd successfully hared run. If you missed it, shame on you, but hang around for only another 18 more and you could be attending Hopeless' 100th hare-job! I have no doubt Hopeless is currently working it out when that will be and sorting out the T-shirts.

The On On was held at the usual and very accommodating Bangkok Thai near the Tin Hau MTR.

Down downs were delivered by Indy Anus assisted by Gary Glitter!

The Hares: Hopeless and then Thermal Dick who finally turned up for the food and down downs.

Thermal Dick, for leaving his co-hare to do all the work.

29th February and Leap Year so all the single ladies can ask their boyfriends to marry them.

Gobi Lo has already got flowers for her proposal. No? They're for a friend in hospital.

Freewheel, believing in Hopeless knowing he was on the true trail, "It must be this way, Hopeless is never wrong".

Macau Drunk naming the debacle a Mongolian Cluster F*ck

Wanchai Wanker adamant that it was the right way and leading everyone backwards and forwards.

And we would have been there still had Ivana Nucock not inspected the money close up and realized it was green and not gold. Knowing her laundered money.

Macau Drunk, for knowing better. "If WW says one way, go the other".

FFFM delighted that she had her Garmin watch on so that she could show Hopeless how we went backwards and forwards

Math Factor, for not letting Indy Anus pass and trying to run faster, but not for long.

Aussie tourists on trail, or so Indy thought as they said Oooh and Aaah and every post, and what's that called "A Pagoda" informed Indy thinking they've clearly just come off the boat, nope. They've been here 2 years but still don't know what a Pagoda is!

Math Factor, boasting he's the GM of the Shanghai hash, nothing to boast about really, remember WW was the GM of the Beijing hash. Gobi Lo announcing that she was never racing again after the Maclehose. Ever. Then she's found racing on the Action Asia races with Dr Evil, the Four Peaks Run, the Lantau KOTHs - the girl can't help it.

Gobi Lo kindly offering to pace Nia, the new naïve Welshy, on the KOTHs full marathon on Lantau Island, then on trail, "Bugger this, she's going too slow" and racing off into the distance coming in just after Ivana Nu Cock, 2nd.

Ivana Nucock, Queen of the Hills 2011-12

Hopeless for not being at the runs for such a long time, including Indy's great Sai Kung run, because he's now running Cathay Pacific and far too busy. Indy Anus then read out the formal CX letter sent to its customers reassuring them how Hopeless will solve all your problems and then you can sit on his knee on the plane and be fed grapes while listening to his Welsh accent.

Motormouth, believing Hopeless is actually now head of Cathay Pacific asking him to sort out her expired Asia Miles.

Bobbledick, is so tight, he doesn't turn his phone on, only when he's actually checking his number…. or avoiding Motormouth calls.

Caligula, only done 5 runs with LSW, Bangkok done twice as many and he had to run back to help her. Visitors and Virgins: welcome Kerry, Merv and Alex, Balance Health Sheena and Nic Gobi Lo persuaded Ivana Nucock to come on her ladies hash the night before saying, as you've done the Vibram 100, four full marathon KOTHs, Maclehose, and any other long distance race going, I've set a special run for you…yes up over High West and back down again, nearly breaking her neck. One way to slow Ivana Nucock down!

Finally the Hares and Flounders of HKFH3 who really only wanted to set a run ever 4 years on the 29th February.

And to sing the song, Frank the Plank and the Hares, then On On home for the sensible ones, to the Queen Vic for the others…


LSW 1832 Tin Hau 120229 9.23km