LSW 1830 Cricket Club


Starting at the cricket club the run headed off along sir cecil's ride over to butler road. On to Jardine's Lookout before looping back round to come up Wong Nai Chung Gap Road and home.

As your scribe unfortunately missed the run this is a short write-up but general view from the pack was a good run and of course a nice jacuzzi and food from the club.

Down-downs ably administered by Indy with Lost at Sea the beer amah:

The Hares - The Parkies back and straight into the Rhubarb Crumble

Hopeless - Determined to win tonight but passed at the end even after "I did all three checks!"

Sticky Sex Toy - Lost on Trail

Frank the Plank - Pouring wine with the top still on the bottle

Tightlips - Muttering to herself along the reservoir about a new bike

Late Arrivals - Bondi Barbie, Pole Dancer(?)

B*ttf*ck - so late started run backwards, no markings, got lost back in 1/2 an hour - perfect!

Freewheel - returnee

Mr. Happy Slippers - Non-runner and next week's hare so has Indy's crap write-up to decipher

Mr Happy Slippers - Undercover in glasses and work attire

BAA/FFFM - Dressing up after run

Wanchai W**ker - complaining last week about flour laid day before.

Ruggero - unhappy that PC Plod didn't get a down down for wearing a sheepskin dick warmer Ivana Nucock + ?? - Most romantic couple on tonight's trail so get special Parkies' prize of a garter belt and a posing pouch.

For other's I have to confess 1) writing was too poor, 2) my notes were non-existent and 3) I am so forgetfull I couldn't remember much else.


LSW 1830 HKCC 120215 6.39km 49min