LSW 1829 Pak Sha Wan A to B to C


Aussie Night Run

This was the Aussie night hash with no Aussie's hashing but one hareing. Or was she, word had it she was at some impromptu conference listening to a bunch of people who like to here themselves talk. Which meant that she showed up late and with no chalk. No matter, the solution to that problem is to put Toilet Spray as your traffic guide while you rush off to gather up some chalk. Which of course is hard to find when you are a teacher.

Meanwhile our boat skipper was worried about the tricky winds at Hebe Haven and whether he could safely navigate the group to the other side of the harbor. The decision, F&*^ it, I'll have the Sampan take them.

Aussie to me conjures up the thoughts of nice dry 40C heat. But not tonight, It was your typical HK bone chilling 12C with a damp moist wind. Not even Cum in my Tunnells posh jacket could keep him warm. And so off we went into the Sampan leaving all of our stuff on Lost at Sea's boat. We all huddled together as the boat started speeding away. But wait, lets go back, we are missing Dr. Evil "little". Everyone groaned as it was really cold and this was going to add to our journey time. So off again and over to Tsiu Hang Hau. Some nice and clever checks had the pack together for about the first 20min. or so and as hashers scattered to find on-on's we had every dog in a 25 mile radius barking it's head off.

The FRBs finally pushed on leaving behind myself, HP Salsa, Toilet Spray, Sticky Sex Toy, PPIP and Plod. My apologies for not giving the run enough justice but we did do some nice shiggy bits, where Plod did a course reversal and made his own way back to B. Then up a riverbed with a bit of rock climbing. More shiggy, some graves, some -unmarked by the FRBs- checks, small roads, paths and finally the big highway back to Hebe Haven and Lost at Sea's boat where wine and beer were waiting. The trail was a very nice length with good checks and shiggy. Plod submitted a GPS map but I'm not sure how accurate it is since he is a confirmed short cutter.

It had been noted that certain hashers stayed away because of the scary thought of an A to B to C. This turned out to be unfounded as B and C were not far apart and the Sampan dropped us off at A. So if you too would like to keep certain hashers away from your hash cleverly make it A-B-C and then absolutely refuse to give any more details when certain hashers call you demanding more info.

Nice shower and changing facilities for the posh hashers who sat down for a nice Chicken curry. Indy divided up the DDs between yours truly, Wanchai Wanker and Plop

Lost in Space DDs

HP Salsa - last hash with LSW as he is fu^*ing off to Canberra (where ever that is)

PPIP - lucky for us to have this rare midweek hasher as A B & C are very close to home and required little effort in the way of a commute.

Hare's - Hopeless free run, overloaded his sensor's with the a b c and then refusing to supply further details.

Lost at Sea - had everyone leave there stuff on his boat, then everyone froze on the sampan to A, then offered to bring back the sweaters and fleeces we left on his boat back to his boat.

Toilet Spray - impromptu traffic guide guiding hashers to A (or was it B)

Gobi Lo - had her leg touching my leg in the sampan and said "you better enjoy LiS this is the last time this is going to happen" or something to that effect.

Hasher Mia - absent for DD but apparently had to leave the changing room naked in search of a towel.

Inflato - Brilliant idea of giving meat DDs to vegetarians.

Cum in my Tunnel - Posh jacket that can't keep him warm.

W Wankers DDs

Higginbottom and Come in my Tunnel - hash buffet running out of food not surprising when 2 hashers are on 3rd portions

Plod - shortcutting on home turf, stream bed - do you think I look stupid?

Dr Evil - stand in - missing the boat

Non runners - Yummy Mummy

Visitors - PPIP

Pussy / Toilet Spray - in the shower last again and not collecting hash cash

Lost in Space - dreaming about Space in Pussy (Spray), not likely - he is dreaming again may be we should rename him Space in Pussy

Hares - Laying the trail the day before so it had faded all over the place

Yummy Mummy - worrying about C - no worries only a few yards from A

Plop's DDs

Gobi Lo (in abstention) - told Plop that he looked like a miner (which he did) and Plop was happy with the compliment because it has been many years since someone told him he looked like a minor.

- interruption as HP Salsa just figures out his ride to Stanley has left without him - nice one Sticky!

Inflato - would raise the average IQ of both NZ and Australia if he immigrated to Australia.

Lost at Sea - totally pussy whooped hare, was not allowed to make any decisions and had to do everything that Indy told him.

From The Floor

Toilet Spray - exceedingly long time in the shower, and was observed giving great care to her hair

Catch of the Day - In an attempt as an Aussie Day black sheep, ended up looking more like a gorilla.

Toilet Spray - ineffective hash cash as by the time she's done in the shower everyone has gone home.

For those left a very nice On On On hosted by the hare's on their nice boat otherwise known as "D"


LSW 1829 Pak Sha Wan 7.31km 75min