LSW 1828 Kowloon Tong


I wasn't going to do the Rambo run as I am suffering from painful bruised rib damage. When Octopussy heard of this complaint, as yes, I did peel off for the Rambo run, she winked knowingly in the dark as it were and said.... Ah yes! Lost At Sea and his bedroom antics no less? To which Pussy Spray (formerly known as Toilet Spray!) nodded her head conspiratorily and added... Ah Yes! as memories seem to flood back to her...!

With that the 2 sprinted off into the darkness and left me floundering around on my own wondering whether I had indeed made the right decision!

If it had not been Thermal's run, I may have chosen the first Wimps option, but I was determined to see what mischief he had in store for us, after the epic Ivana trail run(s) of the week before. I wondered whether we were to climb Lion's Rock or Beacon Hill, or something as arduous from which I would return as late as BOFF had on a 'Catch' run!

The other reason I was propelled forward onto the Rambo route was when I saw at the first split, just how many capable Rambos scurried across the road like a pack of rats and onto the W path.... there went Mr Happy Slippers, Pole Dancer, Tightlips, Lost In Space to name a few !

I then started to wonder if I had missed some important info in the brief by Thermal about the Rambo trail.... did he mention seeing a live boar/bore? on trail? a tiger on the prowl? the Rambo run ending at Stage 10 Maclehose from the Stage 5 we were around? Hash Cash increasing the run fees for Rambos runners?

Spurred on as I was, I kept my senses alert.... Onto a runnable trail, onto Kowloon Tong roads and past bright shop signs and lights... no danger there!... up a long long stretch of hill that finally stopped after 2 kms.... out onto a sports field that we had run around and around in continuous circles many hashes ago, up further through a wire fence manned by vicious guard dogs of the female and canine species,... 'she' pointed up the road to me and said 'Mountain!!' as if she had some divine knowledge!! I thought to myself she must have been hiding in a cupboard when brain cells were handed out, or maybe that is the only English word she knows as the whole frigging area was surrounded by mountains!!!!

So a slog up the road with the misty mountains beckoning, and my bruised rib grimacing, to the steps, naturally upwards, where the Wimps rejoined the R path!! I was pleased at this point to know that with the Wimps rejoining the Rambos, Lost In Space may be somewhere around if I were to be eaten by a live tiger !

So up the steps I laboured with some twinkling torchlights peeping on and off in the hillside, and then yes!! Thank you Thermal! A 2nd Rambo split! At this point I decided that I did not need to discover more about the R trail so happily took the W route rather than the R loop that rejoined those same steps further up....

The rest of the run was full of interesting trails back to home complete with shiggy drains and rocks, quaint little back streets and the Red Light District of Kowloon Tong...I ran in with Bobbledick who informed me of what I had missed on the R2 loop.... mountainous shiggy and drains and lots of clambering... but no wild bores (of the animal variety!) or human-eating tigers as I had feared!

And then it was ON IN to see Thermal collecting Hash Cash in a plastic bag (that looks similar to Boddledick's wallet), and the bash at the chinese place over the road with good food and this week.. seats for all!! Well Done TD!!

DOWN DOWN'S by Yours Truly... Indy

The Hare = Thermal Dick - Great Run....

Co-Hare Returnee - Taxi - (in absentia)... organised the drinks

Pole Dancer - original co-hare who dipped out!

TD - dedication to the hash.... up at 5am to set run before work!

Wimp 1 Split - would-be Rambos scuttling off on W trail - Mr Happy Slippers/Pole Dancer/Tight Lips/Lost In Space?

Octopussy (in absentia) - 'Who caused rib damage Indy?' snigger/snigger

Octopussy - dumped Toilet Spray on Rambo 2 split so out on R trail 'all by herself'!

Pussy Spray aka Toilet Spray - neglecting Hash Cash duties by being out on trail for so long....

TD - 'Yours truly' thankful to see R2 split as ribs could not handle the gloomy mountain ahead

Bobbledick - 'what was that R2 split all about?' A shiggy mountainous loop to add more length???... Drrr??

TD - usually dummy spits over shiggy mountainous trails... then puts one in himself!

Ivana - How long was last week's run(s)??

Valentine Day Run - no volunteers as yet for Feb 15th.... all Valentine couples with excuses for not doing so!

Pole Dancer - cannot do VD run as dog arrives day before and hubby the day after...

Caterers - Yummy Mummy efficiently took over co-hare duties, including curry and crinkle fried chips mixed together....

Hopeless - red sweater casually thrown over shoulders? A new look....

Non-Runner - Yummy Mummy who appeared at hash with gorgeous hunk... her son!

Returnee - Master W@nker

Catch of the Day - From Central rings Indy up in Saikung to borrow front wheel of bike to use in Taipo the next day.... and never asking what size???...

Mr Happy Slippers - knowing the hash song and singing to TD

TD - taking the run through the Red Light district of Kowloon Tong!

Ivana to Bobbledick - recruits her to do 4 Peaks race then backs out himself!

Inflatadate - 75 Runs


LSW 1828 Kowloon Tong 120201 9.75km 72min