LSW 1827 Sai Kung


Hash Right Up!

25 Jan and Wednesday's CNY hash took place at Sai Kung with Hare Ivana Nukok and Plod acting as Co-hare.

A motley crew gathered at the local Sports Ground dressed more like a bunch just about to go off on an expedition to the Antarctic. Hashers drifted in from all directions and eventually the Hare got some order to give the run instructions. Nothing unusual in the markings and a Rambo of around 10k, Silly Rambo with an additional 6-8k and yet to be marked Wimps run.

Just as the weather took another turn for the worse the pack of about 15+ (eventually to swelling to around 28 with late comers) headed off back towards the main road. Over the road and up into the residential part of Sai Kung with the wild dogs. Running past more wild dogs and slowly winding uphill the pack quickly got through the checks and started to spread out as the assault on the mountain to the left commenced. Various Maclehose markers were mentioned in the briefing but most hahsers had forgotten exactly what had been said about 'go left just before this one and there will be no markings forů.'. However the territory was familiar to most except Wanchai Wkr. who not unusually came back at the end having done a different trail on the way home to everyone else.

Peeling off just before the summit of Ma On Shan those that stopped for a few seconds to get their breath back or check their oxygen supply back packs would have been able to appreciate the magnificent views all around if it wasn't for the fact that you couldn't see a damn thing for the blanket of mist directly below. Eventually the rolling ups and downs across the ridge turned into the slippery downhill stretch where the only sign of life were the cows/buffalos (big black beasts with horns) licking up the flour on trail.

Just as the light was beginning to fade on the downward section the Rambo/Should we do another 8k Rambo split came into view. No thanks was silent comment most hashers made and so onwards down even more treacherous trial until a familiar wired enclosure came into view. Then on down to Plod's Palace where the Co-hare had generously provided some Meths for those in need of a gut burner. Most people, who by this time were a little tired, wet and beginning to cool down rapidly declined the free gift and continued on home joining up with the late marked wimps trail.

First back in 1 hour 40mins+ recorded a distance marginally below 15k. Hashers continued to drift in for the next 20-30minutes including the Wimps but they had taken a detour on their 5k+ trail to MacDonalds. After a long break the first of the Sure I'd love to do more Rambos returned which included Bobbledck, David something or other and Kin using radar to locate On Home (apologies to those others that haven't been honoured in the mention). When Boff finally raced in those that had not already headed off to the restaurant decided to call it a day with just Whysosyria still out enjoying the longer trail.

So the 10K ended up as 15k and that was not because of checks. Prisonbreak in defence of the Hare claimed he had heard the works 'at least 10k'. Strange no one else heard this qualification and there were one or two grumbles amongst the rabble who felt that it was a bit on the long side for those that wished to hash rather than train for marathons and competitive racing.

Well marked and thanks to the Hare especially setting the trails on a holiday and in such awful weather - bit of a thankless task setting hashes when they don't quite work out as planned as yours truly will testify to!

OnOn was a rather compact restaurant and several hashers had to relocate to adjacent locations. I was one that didn't reappear until near the end of the marathon dd's ( by Indy of course) just in time to get a beer for some crime and hear possibly one of the worst renditions of the hash song that I can remember.


The Hare - Ivana Nuc*ck - Great trail running, different trails for all the family from Super Rambo to Super Wimp

The Co-hare - Gunpowder Plod... pulled in at 10am that morning to lay the Wimps trail

Hares - IN/GP... providing much welcome Vodka and Port stop outside Plop's house.....

Ivana - doing reccie on Sunday at Team Green run by running the trails....

Ivana - doing paper reccie after the Sunday run by checking out map for Run 1827

Any Dick'll Do - Her hubby, Laminated Lover, had been the one who sent out the TG map for the run.... Should go down as co-hare!

Late runners - Octopussy/Comes Up the Rear/Catch of the Day/Bobbledick

Visitors - Whysosyria (loved the run!)/Heather/Helena

Returnees - Quiche/Barbie

Virgin - Lunar.... puppy of Any Dick'll Do... lasted for 3 kms before refusing to move further..

Boff - pacing Lunar

'Family Day Run' Horrors - Chopper (Sholto)/ Lucia / Inez... Son and daughters of Macau Drunk and Barbie..
Lee - Son of Wanchai W@nker

Super Rambo's - Higgie/Bobbledick/Catch of the Day

Gunpowder/Quiche - catering managers

GP - organising the smallest room with the greatest number of hashers

Higgie - Bleeding nipples for the first time

Castrato - writing up Run Report from last week's run for Ivana

Macau Drunk - not sending it out....

Ivana - not sending run info out until Tues night

FFFM (given by ADWD) - about the hare...'She may be able to speak Russian/she may be able to speak Mandarin/She may be able to speak English....but she can't count!!

ADWD - The Vespa Queen... often seen motoring around Saikung on her yellow peril, when she ain't running around the streets/trails. Presented with original Vespa shirt... from Lost At Sea.

Silly Beanies - too many to mention, Boff is the winner for his 100 miles beanie

Silly Gloves - Catch of the Day... leather red

Inflato - organises Yummy to pick up his dirty shoes/washing after the run

Gunpowder - expert on Fire Dragon massages

Comes Up the Rear - Started the run when all others were finishing and then did it backwards....(living up to his hash name)

Octo - also late and doing run backwards!!!

For all hashers from distant areas - Lamma/Lantau/Fanling/Gold Coast/Shekou China/UK

Castrato - Farewell till next time.... Great to have had you around!


Sai Kung 120125 Wimps & Rambos