LSW 1826 Che Kung Temple


The hares - Catch of the Day & Golden Jelly

A Catch of the Day run is a joy to behold. FFFM told me herself,

"Oh I really enjoy Kin's ball busters. But I need to polish my paddle so unfortunately I can't be there."

Yeah right! And it would seem that Hopeless needed to polish his paddle too, because he didn't turn up either.

In traditional style, Catch of the Day told us that we should only need one change of batteries. And off we were into the night. Not just LSW but also the Northern New Territories HHH who had turned up for the experience of a Catch run.

The trail weaved through estates up into the hills above Che Kung Temple. Then off onto little paths weaving round village houses. The people and dogs we passed all greeted us with enthusiasm, but as we came out of the hill town we all got completely lost. The entire pack came to a juddering halt at the check with most of the hashers wandering about aimlessly. This was probably the right course of action, because I ran around aimlessly and succeeded only in tiring myself out. Then there was a shout - someone had found the way - and we were off again.

We trekked up the side of a rather muddy hill up up up an awful long way. Then, wonder of wonders,

"I know where we are!", said Indy

Yes we had come out onto stage 4 of the Wilson trail. And indeed Indy did know where she was. In fact she actually knew where she was pretty much all the way round the trail. Some might call it a miracle.

We continued upwards a long long way until we came to the sky. Well we came to a little dai pai dong on the top of the pass. There I was with Bobbledick having a little chat about whether the path would go over the top and down into Kowloon or whether it would double back. Bobbledick told me about the people who ran the restaurant and how he'd known them for twenty years. We wandered about aimlessly which was much better than running about, because when someone found the double-back, we were all keen and fresh for the run down the hill.

Back down a large stony path. Excellent running, not so difficult that you couldn't run fast, but difficult enough that you had to keep your wits about you at all times. We streaked down like wombles. Then onto a road-like thing and then back down to the village.

Well not actually down to the village because that would have been too easy. Catch had spotted a bit of hill that needed climbing and so we crossed over a bridge, WW squeaking with fear because of the awful twenty-four inch drop into green water on either side. Then up some more dirt paths and onto a catchwater. That went on and round and through some little groves in the forest until like leprachauns, we sprung out onto the Wimp / Rambo split.

I have no idea where the Wimps went but I'm sure it was lovely. The Rambos went up a weaving path through graveyards until the route degenerated into occasional bricks and spikes set into dirt. Up to the trig point at the top. Then down again because it was the wrong way. Then round the contours and down the hill on a rather nice dirt path. Back onto concrete, then road, then we were home!

The bash was at some dai pai dong that might have been near Tai Wai MTR. Perhaps. Everyone enjoyed the run. It had lots of interesting bits on it, the trails were most excellently selected, the length was just about perfect. All in all a trail of excellence. Followed by aubergines of excellence. Followed by Indy-down-downs of excellence.

The Hares - Catch of the Day/Co-hare Golden Jelly - excellent effort

COTD - stressed a week before when realises she has volunteered to hare for LSW and NNT on same day!

COTD/GJ - Combined run with NNTH3....Approx runners? LSW 15, NNT....8

LSW - Bash numbers - approx 10 LSW, NNT ....4!

COTD - Best Run ever.... Previous co-hare Come in My Tunnel, Boff still out there at 11pm.....

Bob Le Dick - 'Kin's runs are always good runs!'

Bob Le Dick / Son Higgie - thought that trail area was sacred to them....

Returnee - fresh from London ...Castrato!! Yeh!! (wrote a great run report above btw!)

Castrato - immediately resumes Hash Cash duties...

Toilet Spray - dereliction of HC duty

Non-Runners - Golden Balls and Gary Glitter

Gary Glitter - Fresh off plane from India comes to LSW for a beer

Shortcutters - Walky Talky /One Eyed Jack / Gunpowder Plod

Late Comer - Toilet Spray...running to the start passing us going in other direction 'Where's the start?'

Stinky Sexy Toy - huge energy burst at beginning of run then stops and goes backwards....Forgot that she had told TS she would run with her! Cute!!

Golden Jelly - when runners are off she is off to sleep in the car!

Wanchai Wanker - on run goes past downhill like a wounded elephant!

Bob Le Dick and son Higgie - go past downhill like gazelles!

Castrato - Welcome back to Hong Kong! Fresh at airport attempts to join Free China for bash only 30 mins away - 2 hrs later arrives at restaurant!

Castrato - Then First night is planned to stay at yours truly, Indy's, flat! Security guard takes one look at his face (in the wee small hours of the morning,) and says he will call the police if he persists in getting in...despite having keys and permission! (Many phone calls later a happy ending!)

Castrato - Goes to HIS office another day early guard takes one look at his face when he attempts to enter and calls the police! He finally gets into his office at 6am.....Welcome back to Hong Kong!

Golden Balls/Jelly - 21st Wedding Anniversary...the Nickel and Dime occasion! DD's to all Happily Marrieds......well Marrieds then..!

COTD / Golden Jelly - Great joint run/Great bash!

Golden Balls DD - Mooney / NNT Hash - sabotaging the LSW Family Day run set by Bondie many eons ago!

Golden Balls presents LSW with photocopy of an olive branch


Che Kung Temple 120118 10km 81min