LSW 1825 Happy Valley


The hares - Stinky Sexy Toy & Toilet Spray

About 20 runners met at the Happy Valley Sports Ground, no they didn't - that was closed for horse racing, Wong Nai Chung Crescent Garden (also closed), Ventris Road sitting out area (no, not there either), Sing Woo Road Rest Garden, finally.

Brief instructions - 'there is shed loads of other markings out there and the Rambos will need both hands to get through and there is a bogus 3rd Rambo split that will be apparent when you get to it'.

On on past the racecourse and under the subway to the Cosmopolitan Hotel/Xinhua News Agency. A bit of running around in the cemetery until Ivana led us through the T to the Sikh temple. All up Stubby Doh with a couple of detours up the slope maintenance paths. Up one slope maintenance path to Shiu Fai Toi and on to the split.
All back down to Stubby Doh again on a mixture of several old hash trails
Back up to the Shiu Fai split only to see that the R pointed directly into Greenville Gardens and the W back along Shiu Fai to the steps up to the Bowen Road tennis courts
The R went out the back of Greenville and up 50m of metal slope maintenance ladder onto the shotcrete below Bowen Road.
A scramble round the CEDD scaffolding onto the Bowen Road rejoin, then a canter across Wong Nai Chung Gap Road and along Tai Hang Road.
A check down Bluepool Road then back up the steps onto Tai Hang Road where Gobi Lo Ho had hit a T minutes earlier.
Up the steps and left along Sir Cecil's Ride. A Rambo detour went down the river bed onto Price Road then back up another of those slope maintenance ladders. A riverbed 'trail' off to the right, some rope and up onto Sir Cecil's to come out on Mt. Butler Road.
Weave through Jardine's Lookout down Perkins Road and right at the petrol station on Tai Hang Road 'cept for Vanilla Rice who had turned left and was running off by himself shouting R U, R U
Down through the remnants of the squatter camp in So Kon Po to the stadium and then Link Road and on home

The bash was at the Happy Valley market.

An excellent run and bash.

Down downs by Hopeless:

The hares - Stinky Sexy Toy & and Toilet Spray

Hares - starting a run at A then B then C.....

Crushed Nuts - didn't get a chance to visit the temple

Ruggero - leading people around the temple

Gooey - found at the temple with bag which he then carried all the way round trail

Indy - leaving slime on railings

Vanilla Rice - talking on trail

DFL - Lost in Planet

F3M - wimp, wimp, wimp options

Visitors - Crushed Nuts, Math Factor and Gooey

Returnees - Vanilla Rice and Lost in Planet

Indy - hare-raiser has no idea if Kin is haring next week or not

SST - "the hat" - white tiger

Toilet Spray - no glasses - had laser surgery! £10 on groupon….

Math Factor - not running the gay hash this week, LSW instead

Ivana Nucock - winner KOTH at the weekend

Surrogate down down for Nia - waited for her fiancée on the KOTH full marathon

Indy - would never wait for LAS if he was slow on trail

Another surrogate down down for Nia - 'Stinky, the run starts at twenty five past six'. 'No it's 7pm, where did you get 6:25 from ?'. 'I got an email that said LSW1825'…..

The hash song was sung by the hares and returnees.


LSW 1825 Happy Valley