LSW 1823 Lamma, Yung Shue Wan


Hares: Swine Sucker/Man Salad and Babaa Baaatf**k (Alex @ Sarah)

Run hastily reorganized on Lamma Island after originally scheduled hare and co-hare were struck down with mysterious illness featuring flu-like symptoms.

The gathering point was about 200 paces off the ferry, on the footsteps of the Yeung Shue Wan library.

A half moon hung low in the sky. Dark waters lapped the shoreline. Sorrow hung in the air as runners slowly laced their trainers. Talk was minimal.

The black hearse, the grey snow, our Dear Leader's final ride, -- the images of Kim Jong-Il funeral procession televised from Pyongyang earlier that day -- if even the heavens were crying, could the hash go on?; carry on on this Wednesday of woe?

"There's quite of bit of running on this one tonight," said Macau drunk, struggling to divvy up flashlights between his kids.

"No, you take the red one (little girl's name here)..daddy will take."

Wearily, the pack set off, thudding through the indigenous fishing village, the path winding, laced with hazard. Higgy leading.

Climbing into the hills, gaining scenic views across the channel toward Cheung Chau. Watch for the white cross. Kids mostly excited by the Christian burial site.

Tall grass, bamboo forest. Someone smells a dead cat. Concrete path. Checkback. More check again. Checkback. Guest runners, moving like deer in the night, provide relief from the monotony. Checkback!.

Bobbledick can't see because headlamp stuck on low setting, "Don't want to fall over," he says. More forest. TripleFM seems confident ducking the spider webs on descending concrete steps under thick canopy.

Winding path ascends Pak Kok Shan providing views of the East Lamma Channel. The checkbacks, thankfully, seem to diminish. The uphill grade now dominates - slowing acrid burning sensation in the chest makes it hard to run --- who set this trail?

Winding switchback on descent- a lovely trail - during the day. An ankle twister at night.

The runners round the mountain, eventually turning their flashlights towarsd the broad reaches of the southern island - the power utility access road - and eventually a check that proves to be the wimps rambos split, more or less.

Rambos struggle to find trail, confused that the solid markings (so far really accurate and which Hopeless disparages as a "12 bags of flour" run) prove uncannily non-intuitive.

Higgy's lead evaporates. Joined by Hopeless, they set about sorting the split. The deers catch up.

The trail winds up towards the windmill. Strangely, it then heads back down towards the East Lamma Channel and the decrepit fishing village Lo Tik Wan. A dirt path climbs to a ridge pathway linking the youth hostel. An added hazard is the black dog snoozing on the concrete pathway that leads west.

"Did you see that dog? I stepped on its paw" says Higgy after the run

The moon, with a lazy half-closed lid, wink as runners made trail past Hung Shing Yeh Beach. Up the hill, past the police station, past Granny Chan's, the little grocers. Sneaky right-hand turn takes trial into a steep ascent up Snake Path, past the fire department, past the hobbit's house. Then it noses downwards past the water works, through the farmers' field, past the Kebab restaurant. Runners head home, stirring mildly curious glances from those milling in the pubs.

Maggie (MoM) there to greet the breathless upon return.

"Don't catch a chill", says hare Swine Sucker/Man Salad.

Swine Sucker/Man Salad and Babaa Baaatf**k ON ON at Waterfront.

Bobbledick struggles to interpret menu and lashes out at the waitress and maître d' when they both try to answer his query.

"Who am I talking to?!," he demands.

Down Down cermenonies led by a jetlagged Hopeless, who has gallantly turned up after debarking a UK flight the same day.

Using charm, he cons visiting runners into buying stale Friday hash merchandise.

Visiting honours extended to:

Tokyo Samurai hasher Haruke, aka 'Queen la Queefa'. Rounds of "compai" are given

Visiting U.S. runners on sub-visit from jobs in Bangladesh, Lip Service, a teacher, and Eager Beaver, an NGO aid worker.


Rambo run = 12 kilometers, five runners to finish.

Runners away at 19:15, runners returned at 20:51, last at 21:00.

Hopeless see a little obsessive compulsive disorder in this record keeping, orders a down down for the Australian-accent drolling hare Swine Sucker/Man Salad

Eager Beaver -- trail stumble + bat ear

Queen la Queefa -- for missteps and crash.

Swine Sucker/Man Salad , gets a DD for OCD marking, "12 bags of flour"

Eager Beaver-- for her dyslexia. Thought 'TGIF' = 'Tiger' Confused an acronymn for a word,

Higgy -- look-a-like resemblance to Bobblydick'

Swine Sucker/Man Salad -- crashing bike incident. 'no brakes'

TripleFM - for "be nice to me"; hopeless promises Christamas present

Macau drunk - for Johnny Depp-style goatee 'handsome'

Tight clit - -- Choco the dog attends the hash, better behaved than younger, newly-adopted rival

Swine Sucker/Man Salad and Babaa Baaatf**k - scrooge parenting when it comes to the tooth fairly

Macau Drunk - nearly sleeping in the dog house after 5.00am carousing the night before

Queen la Queefa - Seeing lighthouses in lamma's three smoke stacks.

TripleFM - for sticking up for Japanese visitors

Swine Sucker/Man Salad - using pink chalk

Hopeless - selling shirts on a Wednesday

Chris - for being annoying to hopeless while running

Hares - for doing well despite being OCD


Lamma 111228 11.75km 98mins


Lamma 111228