LSW 1821 Sha Tin Wai


We had a fairly decent turn out of 20+ people for this week's Sha Tin based run which was great considering some hashers even cringe at the thought of leaving the ISLAND and having to get the 'PASSPORT' out.

Discover Her Bay's initial comments of "Oh my god I am so happy that I am not going back up that hill. I don't envy you guys," made us all think twice about starting on this hash set by VIRGIN HARES.

VIRGIN HARES in VIRGIN TERRITORY, this is going be a real disaster, some of us thought. Needless to say we set off up the bloody hill that Discover Her Bay had been talking about until we reached the Scout Club. After a couple of checks, we hung a left off the road and up a concrete path which eventually led us to the Wilson Trail. After a brief encounter with a tricky T - ed off check on a river bed, Bob Le Dick found the trail which seemed to go on forever and ascend to Heaven. This long trail (lacking in flower in some areas) kept going up and up and up and up and up (I think you get the idea) until we found ourselves facing Kowloon on the Maclehose. The check sent us left down the Maclehose Trail to Sha Tin Pass from where we took the long 3 km steps back down into Sha Tin Wai.

A good Virgin effort by the hares and everyone home safely. Some great off road / concrete trails but a little bit too much of a run for some.

On On was Thai Food at a local Dai Pai Dong for an amazing 56 HKD. Even Bob Le Dick would have trouble beating that price.

Public disclaimer: I am aware that what I am about to say will maybe offend some of you and that some may not be happy about the content of the down downs - TOUGH - this is the HASH! Deal with it.

And with that the down downs were handed out by Indy. .

The hares (Higgy and Discover Her Bay) - for being the hares.

The Hares for being VIRGIN hares (both of them)

The Hares for setting a VIRGIN hash in completely VIRGIN territory for both of them - very bold indeed.

The Hares - for having to use a whistle to communicate when setting the hash as they both got lost on their VIRGIN trail.

The Hares - for setting a vertical mountain climbing trail and not a hash.

Discover Her Bay - for allowing herself to be roped into setting a hash two days previously - SUCKER!

Lost at Sea - for a Dummy Spit as early as the first check.

Bobbledick - for giving Erica some new batteries for her new Sticky Sex Toy.

Macau Drunk - for being a stealth runner. No calls. No shouts just cruising up front.

Swine Sucker - for calling Indy Sweetheart while sucking up to her for the new Hash Cash Vacancy.

TOO LATE - Toilet Spray - for being voted in as the New LSW HASH CASH.

Why we ask?
Well a) Chinese people are good with MONEY!
b) Chinese people are good at COLLECTING money
c) Chinese people are good at SAVING money.
d) Her appointment would also allow more drinking time after a hash because she usually gets back quite late from runs.
e) Finally, she was sitting next to the incumbent HASH CASH and had no choice.

Inflato - for running the hash on ZERO hours sleep.
Lost at Sea -for running the hash on ZERO hours sleep.

When one Cathay Boy drinks, all Cathay boys drink.

Inflato - for consuming alcohol and drugs on the hash. In order to stay awake Inflato decided this was the best potion. This could be a way forward for some of our other hashers on a Bob Le Dick run.

Wanchai Wanker - for being renamed AGAIN on the Santa hash as SANTA WANKER. I wonder why that was?

HP Salsa / Toilet Spray for getting lost together on the hill side and serenading each other with ON ON calls.

The Hares - for actually setting about four more trails but due to it getting dark and their getting lost on their VIRGIN trail they were not used this time.

Then we sang the bloody song.


Sha Tin Wai 111214 8.05km 72min