LSW 1820 HK Cricket Club to Wanchai


A decent sized pack of over 35 runners gathered at the benches outside the HK Cricket Club car park. The hares - Retarded Buttf*ck and Chocolate Starfish - proceeded to open several bottles of sparkly to loosen the pack. Off we went across Wong Nai Chung Gap and up Black's Link with the hare leading the way, erů marking the run?. A check at the top had us go straight along Black's link then down a path to a checkback. Further along Black's Link then down another shiggy trail that I've not done before. Onto Lady Clementi's Ride (I guess) then up another 'trail' I've not done before. This was a forty minute slog up a river bed of slippery mossy rocks. Back onto Black's Link then around to Wan Chai Gap and down to Bamboo Grove and on home to the sitting out area near the Blue House on Stone Nullah Lane. Showers in the homeless peoples' refuge and on on to the Blue House Restaurant. A never ending supply of dai pa dong stylee dishes and get your own beer from the 7eleven 'cos the staff were too busy. A good hash all round.

Down downs by Indyanus

What did you think of the run/climb/clamber/river bed crawl - the Hares Retarded Buttf*ck & Chocolate Starfish

The hares - great turnout for their leaving run.

The hares - when did they know they were leaving - since November, but only announced last week - need to know basis only

The hares - secretly married, secret baby - all 'need to know' only.

Big Bitch & Hash Cash (ret'd) - last weeks hares set such an exemplary run, it was given two write-ups.

Gobi Lo - comparing Indyanus and Chocolate Starfish's iPhone cute baby pictures - "both cute but Starfish's much cuter"

The hares - good hareline effort - Retarded Buttf*ck 13 runs hared twice, Choccie Starfish 25 runs hared 4 times

The hares - off to Perth

Open down down - anyone from Perth ? anyone been to Perth ? anyone going to Perth - no volunteers.

Catch of the Day- supposed to be haring the NNT hash this evening.

Stinky Sexy Toy - "Indy you had a haircut, you look like a girl now". "Er... what did I look like before ?"

Pole Dancer - "Indy, your haircut looks good..... From the back"

The hare - running along Black's Link with the pack marking chalk - the police had been called before the run and the Food & Hygiene department had come and washed the whole of Black's Link

The hare - suspected dog poisoner, especially the bits where there was an arrow and On On pointing to the next blob of poison.

The hare - 20 minute interview with HK's Finest, sticking his finger in his bag of White Wings Premium Australian Flour and eating it, asking if they really thought it was poison.

The hare - only had his poison cleaned from Black's Link. HK's Very Average didn't bother with the bits down the shiggy, along Lady Clementi's Ride, and the 40minute climb back up the river bed.

The hare - wondering if HK's Really Could Do Better might want exclusive use of his own hash name, 'cos he's never been that keen on it himself

Lost at Sea - stepped aside going down the shiggy 'cos of a previous Ankle Injury

Crash Test Dummy - went hurtling past him and crashed, twisting his ankle

Dr. Evil - "Indy are you doing the down downs this evening ?". "No I'm writing my memoirs here at the bash waiting for the food to arrive"

Macau Drunk - for being useless going up the rocks, had to get Indyanus to hold his torch while he tried climbing.

Flying Scotsman - pushed past Hopeless as Hopeless had pushed past him last week

Hopeless - had Deep Heat and ice available for Flying Scotsman after he crashed

Hopeless - any Shagging down downs for this week's write-up

Wanchai Wanker - not staying for the on on because the hares had to collect the money up front

Wanchai Wanker - it might have been because he was DFL and Catch of the Day had said he was running well the previous week

All the Where's Wally Orbis 20km night walkers - (or as the scribe's notes say 'all the Find Wallies')

First time runner - Jacky Chan

Jacky Chan - tell us about yourself - Portuguese, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Chinese grandparents. Fainted and went to the doctor. What exercise do you do ? Snooker. Anything else ? Majong. Anything a little more strenuous ? Shagging my wife... Welcome to the LSW

Returnees - Pole Dancer & Balloon

Farewell till the next time - Big Bitch & Hash Cash (ret'd)

Flying Scotsman - lucky his wife has some common sense. In a fit of pique he binned his police fine demand notices. He regretted it and went rummaging through the rubbish to find them. Cath had been nice enough to recover them already and paid the fines.

Crash Test Dummy - ran around the reservoir

Pole Dancer, Dr Evil & Lavender - forgot to get off the bus and drove down the other side of Wong Nai Chung Gap

Hopeless - Gobi Lo Ho couldn't set her LH4 run and asked Hopeless to step in for her. She made it to the run though

Gobi - has to do the critique

Come into my Tunnel - Gobi informs us he went to Lan Kwai Fong at 2am in his Where's Wally tights, glasses and red beanie and never been so popular

Ivana Nukok - Won the 21km Patagonia Nature Run and got loads of cash and stash

Filthy - won the round the Island race

Castrato & Catch of the Day - dayglo tops and bottoms respectively

Pole Dancer - blue socks (shurely shome mishtake - brown socks?)

The hares - farewell drinkie poos (before the run)

The song - sung by the hares, Big Bitch, Hash Cash ret'd, Flying Scotsman, Cath and the virgin


 HKCC to Wanchai 111207 7.35km 81min