LSW 1818 Yung Shue Wan


At last we have had a proper hash. After running the last 3 weeks on what could only be termed ‘Runs’ it was great to find that LSW still had Hares who know the meaning of the word ‘Hash’. Our first week was the Hopeless effort round TST for the Octoberfest but there’s not a lot you can do around there. However the last 2 runs which were A to B’s could only be called runs. We had the HKCC to Quarry Bay straight run up to Parkview, down into Tai Tam then up Mt Parker and down, that took a lot of intelligence. But the piece de resistance was last week’s “Era of Good Feelings” Run, what a load of bollocks that was. It started well with checks and good markings through the village and onto the Wilson trail and then over the overgrown graves to Fei Ngo Shan Rd. The braincell had obviously been used up by then as we went up, up and up and up to Kowloon Peak before going straight down Jat’s Incline to Hammer Hill. A lot of imagination there.

However Wednesday’s Hash was a different story, well marked with lots of checks and over real Hash territory. We started as always from Ruggero and Barbie’s house and headed down into Yung Shu Wan to the HSBC branch where we turned left and headed inland. A check took us right and up the steps behind the basketball court and straight on to a path before heading left and up past the graves. It was up into the hills behind the wind turbine and then down to a 4 way check. Here we went left over railings on a trail below the wind turbine. Further along this trail our pack of 4 became 6 as Gary Glitter and the Flying Scotsman joined us having done a loop twice. Lemondrop could be heard in the distance but not a lot of calling. The trail took us up and down, hitting bits of tarmac fleetingly as the trail then took us round another track. Through a small village before heading up more steps and down through a wooded area. I was quite disorientated by this time so the end of the hash is just a blur of trails before we hit the concrete path and the “On Home”. An excellent Hash followed by an excellent On On prepared by Barbie of Lamb in pitta bread with salads.

Down Downs by Indy

The Hares – For an excellent Hash and On On

Ruggero – No reccie

Ruggero – for setting the Hash late as he waited for Sholto who was too tired to help

Kishe, Castrato – Lamma attendees

Indy, Bobbledick – Sai Kung attendees

Dr Evil, Ivana Nucock, Flying Scotsman – doing a loop twice

Lemondrop – for making more noise on the hash than the FR’s

Castrato – for leaving in 4 weeks

Dr Evil – not knowing who was in Trailwalker team

Dr Evil and Gobi – Trailwalker Team in 15 hrs 41 mins

Bobbledick – 1st Team over 60 in 19 hrs

Indy, Kishe, Ruggero – Trailwalker supporters

Ruggero – drinking beer out of a wine glass

F3M – in paper as expert as to why rugby 7’s is a corporate ripoff

Ivana Nucock – Russian Translator for Donald Tsang at a football match which she was paid for

Flying Scotsman and Kath – returnees. Started running with LSW 6 months after it started and left HK in 1984.

Barbie – photo in Facebook

F3M – Double down down for the insult of the century, calling Big Bitch Motormouth!

Down Downs by F3M

Lemondrop and Darwin – before and after diet

Ruggero and Barbie – having child impersonaters – Lucia impersonated Indy and Sholto impersonated Hopeless

Retarded Buttfuck – couldn’t support the Trailwalkers because he’s too busy even though he’s not working

Retarded Buttfuck – decided to leave his job so he could spend more time with his new baby, little did he realize that the Government would introduce paternity pay

The song was quickly sung as the majority of the pack rushed off for the 10:30 ferry, changed days. No more On On On’s. 6 of us stayed on for a few more beers before dashing for the 11:30 ferry.

An excellent hash and On On, thanks to Ruggero and Barbie


Lamma 111123 6.48km 53min