LSW 1817 Tseng Lan Shue Village


Era of Good Feelings Hash,
A to B,
"a hash that will leave you feeling elevated before being let down"
Hare: Lost in Space
Co-hare: The "Blessed" Virgin Mary

The Hong Kong dark side conspired to try and prevent this Era of good feelings even taking place. It mobilised millions of corporate drones to clog up the public transport network. But it didn't work! We got through, well except Macau Drunk who was consumed by the thralling masses.

These events created the longest minibus queue seen in history. Sai Kung mini bus 1 queue was thousands of people long, stretching back into the MTR station. This didn't bother Toilet Spray as she calmly pushed in right at the front of the queue, smiling innocently at the queue manager.

Unfortunately not all the queue were LSW hashers. A modest turnout of 15, but perfectly formed.

Pole Dancer's era of good feeling was challenged by the Hare when it he said "It's probably 12km". A few other mood swings where happening - Lost at Sea was off sulking for not being invited to a Xmas party.

On on.

Off we went through the village then into the bug infested jungle (Why did the Lion get lost? Coz the Jungle is Massiv). Come Into My Tunnel (CIMT - that must be a German profanity) shot off very quickly. Amazingly you could hear him shouting "Trail" to himself from several clicks behind, and eventually he even started marking the checks.

On this 'Journey' we were reminded of our own mortality by trampling over lots and lots of graves that had been plastered with chalk and flour graffiti. One such grave was tagged up proper style as apparently it was the second cousin twice removed of the founding father of modern China - or something!

"Feeling elevated" - up we went.

In a sense everyone got lost - then found themselves again. In other words it was very foggy up the hill. We were given options to get down the hill: The long and winding road or a shiggy steep rocky trail, which only the brave hearted tackled. There was also markings for lovely viewing point, where you could also look at the inside of a cloud (and some naughty local teenagers).

At the top, our trail just kissed that of the Trailwalker such that the hasher competitors may just have seen some remnants of flour and chalk, or even an ON ON to inspire them at that difficult half way point - a nice touch from the hare.

"Being let down" - down we came.

CIMT was caught by the pack at a tricky check. Lost at Sea got lost in Lost in Space's space. Toilet Spray and G-String also got lost in that space then got a taxi to the B.

The run ended at Hammer Hill sports ground. 10km with the FRBs arriving after an hour and a half. Mysteriously, the Hare and Sub-Hare had only just arrived too. Warm beer - boo.

On On to ?an empty warehouse that was a 'Chinese' for MSG, fishy fingers and down downs. Where did the she-hare go?


Hare - For the 'Era of Good Feelings', more grave yards and too much marking.

Hare - What did the hare do to the she hare? And why were they late?

Hopeless lookalike (CIMT) - For not being there.

Dr doom - He guessed B as he could feel the B in his pocket.

Wan Chai w*nker, CIMT, Scribe - For running all the way up the hill.

Octopussy, CIMT, Scribe - For doing the brave trail option.

Lost at Sea, Toilet Spray, G-string - For getting lost

Hare - For everyone stomping on graves. Lost at Sea says its desecration

Pole Dancer - Claimed to be 'raring to go' and wanting to 'open, I mean stretch, her legs' whilst in the graves. Subsequently walked the rest of the way.

Returnees: Dr Doom and G-String - Tired of a certain lesser hash, want to embrace the era of good feeling.

Dr Doom PhD - Asked to explain 'The era of good feelings'. Expecting a lecture on pre-Civil War American history from the prof, all we get is a toast: "To feelings!"

Weekend Free China hash tour in Taiwan: Toilet Spray - For saying she is not old enough to wear a bikini and that Indy's would be too big for her.

Lost in Space - For being the DJ (coz the Jungle is massive).

Scribe - for leading the attendance table on the website - it is all about percentages you see.

CIMT - for having a German iPhone 4S.

Dr Doom - For saying 'Indy you have lost your mojo'.

Scribe - for being pressed into being scribe.

Down downs from the floor:

Lost at Sea:
Pole dancer - for doing a run and not having blue socks.
Dr Doom - for not recognising era of good feeling.
Indy - for being 'ill' on Monday.

Hare for Hopeless lookalike - 'I hope you didn't steel my route'.

Lost at Sea - for running 2 hours per day and 'lookin good'.
Bobble Dick - for being the first over 60 team to do Trailwalker.
Indy - for new shoes drink drink drink from the cup!!!

Wan Chai Wa*ker on Hopeless lookalike - for being in four poster bed in Manila.

Lookalikes - Good luck for Gobi Lo and Dr Evil for Trailwalker.

Octopussy - for refusing to do trailwalker support running.

Hare - For never being asked to do support running.

Toilet spray - for loyally loving her Guangzhou home beer brand 'Pearl River'.

Big Bitch and Lost at Sea - for not having a shower.

Hare - For the era of good feeling going bad with the she-hare.

Motor Mouth - for not saying anything.

Motor Mouth - for not knowing what is going on with Wan Chai hash.

General consensus was remarkably good feeling all around and a distinct lack of cynicism (Guess who wasn't there!).


Marina Cove To Hammer Hill 111116 10.14km 98min