LSW 1816 HK Cricket Club


Wanker's Hash - I approached the glum car park as winter set in on HK. Warnings had been posted as the mercury plummeted below the +20C mark, Pole Dancer was bundled up against the windchill as the gusts blew through Wong Nai Chung Gap. Retarded Buttfuck had a thermos full of piping hot English tea, etc. etc. Anyway some of the female hashers who weren't at Wanchai Wanker's naming were trying to guess how he got his name. After much lively debate they settled on "the only male who HAS to wank in Wanchai." After a morning post on Facebook about how excited he was at flight attendant recruitment day at Cathay City, Hopeless was a noticeable in his absence. With no toilets, everyone had to change in the cold, except for Lost at Sea who managed to change at the posh cricket club.

So, off we went, and to keep the pack together, Wanchai Wanker had a trick up his sleeve. It's called the closed check that doesn't really close. Instead of a nice T to close off the check, you just kind of stop lying flour and see how far the hapless hasher goes before they finally figure it out. For Gobi Lo that would be about 300 meters. But it worked great, I watched Gobi Lo running in circles for a good 20min. before the pack found true trail and off they went.

The run went something like this, Tai Tam Road, to Tai Tam Reservoir, wimps cut across the dam, rambos go slightly further and cross downstream, then loop back to meet the wimp trail. From there it was up Mt. Parker Road and then down Mt. Parker Road to the B. To add some variety there were two loops off of Mt. Parker Road, one to the right and one to the left. The one to the right was most interesting as it had HP Salsa whimpering back refusing to do the down trail complete with ropes and mud and steep angles unless I accompanied him.

At B, I was admonished by WW that I had no time to shower and change because I took to long and food will be served in exactly 8 min. and if I'm not there it will all be gone. 20 min. later Winniebego comes back to B from the showers asking why I didn't go. 10 min. after that we went to the on-on. Another 10 min. the first dishes arrived, GRRR. But while I was waiting I noticed something peculiar, on the ice an abundance of Grapefruit Soda. Has it really fallen out of fashion, I remember fist fights over who would get the last Grapefruit soda. And there were 8 of them just sitting on the ice and no one could be bothered. I had a beer.

Down Downs;

by Indy

Wanchai Wanker, the hare

Lost at Sea, STFU calls the visiting Navy, Marines

Octopussy - "Indy, have you ever run a WW run before? These markings are shit!

Lost at Sea - Indy had to look after Mad Max

WW - told Indy run ends in Causeway Bay

Gobi Lo - thought run ended in Causeway Bay

Hopeless - Chief advisor to Wanker

Hopeless - coaching Pole Dancer on how to hare

WW - paid no attention to the chief advisor

Lost in Space - Will he hare next week?

Hopeless - couldn't read the hare line correctly. thought Chatroom Paedophile was haring next week

Big Bitch, Hash Cash - Shortcutted

BB - said it was a crap run

WW - first checks were to confusing

Navy Visitors - alcohol before the hash.

Castrato - ran only on one side of the road

Cheesy Flying Fux - running all over the place looking for his "friend"

Sticky Sex Toy - friend is very virgin.

Returnees - The Virgin Mary, Lost in Space, Octopussy

Late Starters - Chatroom Paedophile, Catch of the Day

Motormouth - shortcut most of the hash

Motormouth - called in a police rescue during Wanchai Hash

WW - hijacked Ruth's car for transport to B

WW - overly concerned about Ruth's car being insured.

Bobble Dick - actually turned on his mobile to ask were the hash was.

BD - not really was hoping the govt. was calling him to give away 6,000HKD

BB HC - only in HK to get there 6,000HKD

Rumpy Bumpy - Pee-Wee calls from Tokyo to make sure Rumpy Bumpy is looked after

Anniversary's - MM 400, Indy 300

WW - had a dummy spit over Ivanna Nu Cock

Retarded Buttfuck - an authority on snakes

Hopeless - excited to be in Cathay City on flight attendant recruitment day

Lost at Sea - flight attendant recruitment day no longer excites him.

Sticky Sex Toy - doesn't know her trail stages.

Chatroom Paedophile - good luck with your trail walker support.

Ivanna Nu Cock - likes the ants in her new apartment

WW - seven bags of flour, six for check-backs, one for the actual trail

HP Salsa - scared Indy will ask him to set a run

Gobi Lo to Retarded Buttfuck - not working so he can set more hashes

Hopeless to TVM - TVM looking forward to The Marines on the Friday Hash

WW to Cockwatcher - excellent food orderer.


HKCC to Quarry Bay 111109 12.16km 89min