LSW 1814 Tiu Leng Keng to Hang Hau


Hare : Gin & Vomit.

The hash run is a running event where the Hare lays trail and keeps the "hounds" or pack, guessing where that trail may go.

This week was an interesting variation. The Hare kept the pack guessing as to which MTR station it might start from. LSW website updates:

Monday : Hang Hau or Tiu Kin Ling Tuesday : Po Lam or Tiu Kin Ling

Same hare : Gin & Vomit

"FFS Hopeless - does the hare know what she is doing?" TVM ranted via email. "I am very important in my office you know, I need to sort out my schedule. There will be a riot if I can't make tea for my boss and do his photocopying and shine his shoes before I go!"

All academic as, apparently, a disastrous visit to the hairdressers Weds lunchtime depth-charged TVM's plans to hash. She has gone into hiding until about Xmas as she waits for it to grow back. If she was a lawyer she'd sue for lack of professional care...... IF.

But we digress. But we would like to thank the absent Thermal Dick, GnV's boss, who let her out early so she could set trail.

So - Tiu King Ling - finally on the website.

"Hey Hopeless" said another concerned hasher "did you know there is a talk tonight by a famous ultra distance runner, so some of the pack may not do the hash?" The idea of attending any such event by Gunner Norfledumlebum from Sweden was about as exciting as doing the ironing, so I was not concerned. I can do a far more interesting lecture on "How to set and run a Hash" which some hashers in HK could do with attending.

But I digress again!

I haven't talked about the run yet......

A bunch of hashers, sans TVM, gathered at exit A2. No sign of the hare. Then "buy your own water" she declared, with 2 cans of Carlsberg in her hand. Stalwarts like Ninja Winja and Gobi Lo were present, then the fastees like Cheesy Flying Fux and Crash Test Dummy filled the FRB category runners.

Motormouth was "bag lady" helping the hare, so the rest of us headed off up the hill along Chui King Road, and around the corner to the first Check. Basically it fooled nobody as we headed up to the Wilson Trail via a long set of steps with Cheesy, Crash Test and Ninja leading the way, followed by Denvy who has now found her legs after winning a series of recent running events in HK.

The top of the stairs Check was confusion as "all Checks are open and then you are on trail at first mark" took half the pack left on trail, only to find a "T". Hopeless, Ninja and Cheesy had to turn back to catch Crash Test, but then Ninja guessed correctly the coming Check Back, and we cut left up the shiggy trail up to The Wilson Trail.

Then followed a series of Checks and country trails which finally brought us out over and down past the old fort which overlooks Tseung Kwan O. Down through the Haven Of Hope (!) Hospital. Through the subway, onto Sheung Ning Park, out through there and onto Po Lam South Road, and a long "On Home" into Hang Hau Village to finish by the 7-11.

Well marked undulating trail, enjoyed by all.

OnOn to the Thai restaurant and Down Downs courtesy of Indy:

Hare - no recces, Russian roulette on run start point

Hare - no complaints

MM - helping hare

SST - "I live other end of the world" - Stanley

HP Salsa - returnee

HP Salsa - working too hard to set a run

HP Salsa - gets too stressed setting a run so set one in December

SST - fashion buying in Stanley - leopard outfit and matching flip-flops

Mr. Happy Slippers - asked SST if she needed help so he could have a rest on trail

SST - "How sweet of Mr. Happy Slippers to look after me on trail"

Long journey - Lamma and HK island residents - Castrato, Macau Drunk, etc. Lost in Space - Macau

MM - first to call the hare on the new phone (number is about to change again!)

Hopeless - guessing B

Hopeless - doing write up unlike previous hares

Previous writers - Castrato and Lost At Sea (look alike Lost In Space)

Bobbledick - not doing his write up

Returnees - Crash Test Dummy

Lost In Space - didn't hare his run - thought Indy was loking

Bobbledick - set the LIS run

Lost In Space - taking November off to set a run for LSWH3

Returnee - Mr. Happy Slippers

Mr. Happy Slippers - sleeping, sorry, running with Indy

Come In My Tunnel - Moontrekker attendee

Come In My Tunnel - needed to prove he is a man after Crème Brûlée beat him before on the Lantau Twin Peaks race

Gobi Lo look alike - Hare - for Moontrekker win

Come In My Tunnel - father on Facebook

Hopeless - new job at Cathay Pacific

Hopeless - loves the Cathay cabin crew recruitment days, especially when Jessica is there PS - Lost Property - one GoLite waist pack and water bottle. Bottle cleaned and waste pack dried out by my dehumidifier. Owner please advise before Bobbledick tries to claim it.

Tiu King Ling 111026 7.48km 58min


Tiu Keng Leng elevations