LSW 1812 Po Toi


Hares - Boilers & Hopeless

The crazers congealed at Pier 9. Many a tear was shed for poor Boilers, off setting trail in the pouring rain. Well until he turned up looking fresh as a daisy, "Hi everyone. Looks a bit choppy out there. Perhaps we should go to Lamma instead of Po Toi."

There was some discussion about this concept. However Hopeless was already on Po Toi setting trail. Eventually and reluctantly it was decided it might be a bit unfair to abandon him there.

We chugged through the snarly night eventually arriving at the island pier. Boilers said, "Off you go. And no-one is allowed a shower when they get back. It's unhealthy and bad for you."

Hopeless nowhere to be seen we dashed off down the slimy trail, off left round to the restaurants. An open check next to the anti-clockwise route round the island fooled no one. However the second open check further on fooled everyone and left the pack inverted with Gobi Lo right at the back and Castrato and Lemon Drop at the front.

This was unfortunate for the FRBs because the rock climb was greasy and overtaking was nigh impossible. The likes of the illustrious Macau Drunk gnashed their teeth at the back and politely jumped forward one at a time. Castrato at the front was thanking his lucky day and making his way up with the furry wobbler.

This state of affairs couldn't last for long and Gobi Lo and Torsten did eventually get back to the front overtaking Castro about half way up the hill. Chatroom also managed to make his way through the log jam and overtook him at the top. However most of the FRBs were stuck behind the chattering classes, as friendly as toast.

At the top of the hill the mist swirled in an atmospheric haze. The hill was covered in bushes that look just like dinosaurs. The light of the torches made cones like giant ethereal ice creams. Then it was over and down a series of really quite a lot of stairs.

At the bottom the Rambos went on a split off round to see some kind of lighthouse thing. There were a couple of silly checks which would have lead you over the edge of a cliff if you had followed them. Out in the sea was a strange clanging noise like some kind of ghost ship. A very noisy ghost ship. And then back along the coast to rejoin the wimps and back to the pier.

Despite Boiler's advice on the unhealthy nature of showering, a number of the earlier hashers gave it a go. Then off to the restaurant. An excellent trail and a fine meal was had by all with lashings of ginger beer. And then Boff got back. The End


The Hare - Which one?? the crowd roared .....

The 'self-nominated hare' Shergar - Selected that particular date as Rearender's significant b/ day ... But where is the birthday girl? At home looking after their child.....

The 'designated co-hare' Hopeless - Brought in on Monday to 'help' set the run.....(Ed Indy: Having spoken to the original hare on Friday about this he said....' Is Hopeless in town? I do hope so! He knows the pattern ... I get the boat and he sets the run.......)

The hare Shergar - His plan was for both hares to set the run together as live hares ... They would atart together and run in opposite directions laying trail...

Hopeless - Immediately dismissed that idea from the lead hare... surmised he would do 3/4 of the trail-laying so taking matters into his own hands hired a sampan for $400 and went over early to the island..

Macau Drunk - In elder hare's absence he did the hash notes last week.....suggested naming of porn star MD to Sai Kung Stud? Lamma L....?

Wanchai W@anker - If not for Discover Her Bay falling over and blocking trail he claims he would have come first...?

Ivana Nucock - Came up from rear? What are you doing here? Pacing herself sensibly for Wilson's trail....

Dr Evil- started slowly also but soon the competitive edge got the better of him ..

Gobi Lo Ho - Not one to let the Wilson Trail get in her way sped around as usual....

The Wilson trail teams - Dr Evil/Gobi Lo/Ivana

The Nepalese Action Asia runners - Dr Evil/Hicky Slut/Master W@anker

Randy Von F - spends time on trail looking at views.... Says to anybody who would listen...'Is that Kowleen over there, Indy?'..... Que??

Master W@nker - whinged before the run about the length of 6km being too short ... Hopeless sets an extra Rambo loop for him but ...he misses it

BOFF - the only one who did the extra R loop...

Sticky sex toy/Boff - Why are you so late in, SST?... Stayed back to make sure Boff was okay ..... before he did the extra R loop that is...

Returnees - Hicky Slut/Master W@nker/Bargepole

Visitors - Ruth Lh4... (Ed: Got myself into trouble for this as Ruth had been a regular LSW runner for 2 years Bmt... (before my time...))

Shergar - Playing with dolls at his age.... then dumping them and forgetting them

WW/Gobi - fighting over who would finish off the fishhead curry... eyes and all

Balloon - Every run is a recce... May set a run here one day?

Hicky Slut - 'bragging' about weight loss from the races/trails she has been running on ..6kg! Wow!

Hopeless - His competition streak not exclusive to running... Also on weight loss program as Smallbone in town who has shed kgs so Hopeless now must follow suit...

Swine Sucker /Sarah - invitation to 6 yr old max's party on sat ..? They promised Friday night after a keg of vino to make the big trip from Lamma then central to Sai kung... But memory lapse till Sunday? Were we meant to be somewhere yesterday..??

Chatroom - Lemondrop running with mum for a while then decided to have romp in the water... rejoined the pack later and thought Chatroom was FRB so stayed with him for the remainder....

The Hares - Great night/Great run

Shergar - Thanks for the junk and his generosity in supplying beers .....


Creme Brulee (in absentia but she gave the info) - Did Lantau Race last Sunday, picked up bibs for Come In My Tunnel and herself earlier then gave CIMT her bib and she had CIMT's race number.

CB - Sat afternoon thought one vino won't hurt the race the next day.... became a drinkfest until 11.30pm.

CIMT - his g/f got up at 6am to make his breakfast

CIMT - getting foot massages from g/f and early night in preparation for the big race

CIMT - When CB appeared in her wonky state laughed and said 'How are you going to run in this state?'

CIMT - I have been a good boy, only one glass vino and lots of sleep!

CIMT - By Lantau Peak Creme Brulee nowhere to be seen by CIMT

Ivana to CIMT on Peak - 'CB passed here a long time ago'...

CB - came in 27 mins ahead of CIMT despite the drinkfest!

CB - CIMT has CB's time on record as the bibs and name bands belonged to CB...

CIMT - explanantion....'Too much s*x lately'!!

Po Toi 111012 5.8km


Po Toi