LSW 1811 Tung Lung Chau


Hares - Gobi Lo Ho & Lemon Drop

Run Report

As I departed the On!On! late last Wednesday, I thought I had gotten off a tad lightly with only a dislocated hip (from the Gobi Low run today), a perforated ear drum (sitting next to Wanchai Wanker during the meal) and the complete loss of my mojo (having been out run by the tiniest of the Horrors).

I was however bush-wacked by she who had walked into the back of a bus (the bus never recovered - Ed) and told moi that I was doing the write up! I have felt the lash of Indy's tongue during a few Circles and thought I better kowtow. According to Indy , Boilers had pulled a fast one and was unable to perform the said function. Now Boilers has pulled many things in his illustrious career but 'fast' is not one of them. But I digress.

I think most of the LSW crew realised that Wednesday was a Gobi Low/Lemon Drop special on Tung Lung Chau. For those that don't know, Tung Lung Chau is an island off Joss House Bay and a 45 minute ferry from Lei Yue Mun. It may be stating the bleeding obvious but Gobi Low set it there so there was no escape from the trail and in the vain hope that Motormouth would not turn up (no such luck)!

The ferry trip was uneventful although Pole Dancer did tell us about his paragliding and Wanchai Wanker did drone on a bit. There was some compensation as Ms Wanchai Wanker said I was much better looking than her beau!

I won't bore you with the run details but it was a circular hash of some 7km. There was bloody great climb in the middle that nearly finished Bof and a silly Rambo hairpin that led no where except to despair. As noted before, the Horrors had been let out of their cages and were running amok and asking the usual stupid questions ('when will I grow up and have long black hair like TVM and Toilet Spray'! - I think the kids have been in Asia too long folks - concerned Ed).

The Hoplesses were not in attendance but strangely I still got the Hopeless Run Report the next day. I am now having strange nightmares of receiving run reports from beyond the grave when Hopeless kicks the bucket next year from organising the Nash Hash, the LSW, the Free China, Sai Kung and Wanchai Hashes! We were also spared the Welsh Harpy's inevitable delight at Wales thumping Fiji and Ireland in the World Cup!

The weather was kind and the views fine. The hash split in to the fast and the furious (Bobbledick, Backdraft), the bloody slow (Dr Doom and G String) and the ridiculous (me!). Some of the mums turned back and the Horrors were just all over the place.

There was not much else memorable except to note how strangely fatherly Macau Drunk is when his nippers are about although this does not detract from the strange but insightful observation that he looks like a porn star (as noted by Gobi Low)! I am now thinking of an appropriate porn star name such as the Sai Kung Stud or the Lamma Licker!

As we had to wait for the ferry home at 6pm, the Circle was held insitu by Indy (who buggered off early) and a boisterous Ivana Nucock. Post Hash was in a Lei Yue Mun fish restaurant where the usual gwai lo yue was served.

Overall a good day and well done to Gobi Low for taking us away from the madding crowd although really there is no escape from Maggi, Maggi, Maggi! I am thinking of calling the LSW the 'Ambush Hash' as this is the second time I have been given short notice to pull the LSW out of a tight hole but then the Sai Kung Stud would know all about that! I digress again!

Tremble and Obey

Down Downs (I don't remember much)

Wanchai Wanker - Do we need a reason
Macau Drunk - Macau Drunk
Horrors - Let out of their cages
Pole Dancer, Shitler - Being boring
Ms Wanchai Wanker - for putting up
Returnees - ?
Mums - ?

The song was sung by Ivana Nucock

DD's from Indy - on the island, before many evacuating on 5 pm ferry!...

The Hare - Goby LO... Great run...

Co-here Lemondrop - (he drank for himself!) running the trail and ahead of the pack...... Co-hares should always stay at the back if running!

The Hare - finding such a great trail for LSW Holiday run... gained from previous rock climbing experience

The Hare - for setting a unique LSW run that few had done before. Even Boff recalled... 'I have been to this island once before......'

Visitors - Cock Watcher, Jungle Juice, Summer, Claudia Ellingwood, Brenda Mamaril, Beulah Echauez, Jasmine Gelba, Slippery Edge, Mark Boyle... Emily, Moira, Liam, G-String, Dr Doom, Lily the Drink, Annette Bolton, Kristen Hickman, Janet, Sophia, Sarah (wife of Castrato)

Returnees - Creme Brulee ....all the way from Shanghai due to Bank Holiday, Shitler, Barbie, Swine Sucker, Sarah, Vanilla Rice

LSW Horrors - Sholto, Inez, Lucia, Lily, Charlotte, Alexandra, Findlay?

Fathers of horror who could not run..... (and what a great time they had...!!) Macau Drunk/Castrato

Macau Drunk - took Lucia and Inez on the Rambos one point MD moved forward with Inez... got a decent run in as Lucia had sat down on the rambos trail and was not moving... so MD went back to rescue her.....

MD - Lucia then charged her father with deserting her....

Pole Dancer - eternally thankful that Indy managed to push past Wanchai W@nker on hill climb with her in slipstream...

Whinging on the hash..... Virgin Mary complaining about cost of ferry ride from Lei Ye Mun to the island!.... $30 return!

The hare - well done on finding ferry trip from Sai Wan Ho that costs only $5 ...

Peeing on the trail - too many to remember

Peeing on concrete vertical path back at B so anyone on downhill slope got wet feet and urined bags - Co-hare Lemondrop

Vanilla Ice = doing trail backwards, or running back on trail from FRB position???

Very Important Helpers - bought drinks in Sai Wan Ho and transported to island... Chatroom, Creme Brulee, Sticky Sex Toy, Lavender


Tung Lung