LSW 1810 A to B - Wong Nai Chung Gap


With the T3 signal up for the approaching Typhoon Nesat, I was wondering if I should have brought ropes and helmet for the hash run especially since we all knew that the Hare is pretty hardcore. It started pissing down when Discover Her Bay and I were stuck on the mini-bus in the traffic jam, and as we peered outside the window we both knew in our hashing bones that it would be an interesting night.

Surprisingly most of the pack were already at A, each one of us being extra early to beat the race night traffic at Happy Valley. After handing out Chinese condoms (with B's location), the hares dished out hurried instructions to the pack - chalk, flour and orange ribbons were used liberally on the trail. "If you don't see any markings, just stop and look around, you will see it" - and with these words the pack took off up to Park View.

A calf-burning climb up to the top of the road led us to a check which I nailed correctly - onto the catchwater. Several checkbacks and un-obvious checks held the pack together but the one that threw all of us off came between 2 and 3km. It was here that Bondi Barbie's strapping young son, John, encountered a boar. The others weren't so lucky but we managed to spot another type of boar, the AFWD-type, who came barraging through the bamboo forest to the trail. Shortcutting bast*rd.

Up a tough hill where steps were knee-high (or waist-high if Sticky Sex Toy was there), and with dangerous metal rods sticking out on the steps. However, newly-named Dry Spell (known as Jeff with the fivefingers shoes) took that all in stride until a dense bit of shiggy where he promptly stubbed his toe on an exposed tree root. The choicest words of profanities were strewn on the innocent tree, but that was nothing compared to what was to come later (or so I heard).

It was this next bit of shiggy that reminded me of Shut the F*ck Up's run last year. Then it struck me - all the rocks we had to boulder across are coming up next! With the wind and rain, the rocks were even more dangerous to get across. And the Rambo/Wimp split hasn't even happened... I could almost imagine the Hare's smirking face saying that everyone has to HTFU. So that I did, and a quick sprint leading to the quarry led me down the steps to Mt Butler Road.

The Rambos trail took me left down the road and onto a closed check. The right option is a steep, low hill with a piece of thick rope. The left option is a shiggy trail that goes behind the tennis court. I looked at the options, made a gamble on the tennis court and nailed it again. I felt clever. Well, until the next check at Tai Hang Drive. With five minutes leeway before the guy behind me, I used all of it checking every possible route but could not spot any flour. I was soon joined by the FRBs Jeff, Chatroom, Hopeless, Franz and Ninja, who all floundered until we heard Ninja's "On On!" call up on the steps.

The trail took us into pure virgin territory, and it was so virginal that the Hare had to use a saw to clear the path. I could almost hear the tree surgeon, Franz, getting depressed when he saw the little tree stumps. Ninja Winja, back from a long spell of no trail running, struggled up the hill valiantly but had to let the FRBs pass. The trail took us across several pretty streams, heaps of rubbish and mini-landslides. Nice. Onto Sir Cecil's Ride and a quick sprint led me on home to Braemar Hill Park. What a lovely way to spend a T3 night, thank you Hares!

Down Downs by Gobi Lo:

Hare - T3 run

Hare - used flour chalk and ribbons. And we can still see the chalk. Thank you for playing it safe

Hare - virgin hash trail, but claimed by various runs from the likes of Shut the F*ck Up and Hopeless

Hopeless - broken toe and still hashing. Now that's hardcore

3FM - now we know why Caucasians have a big nose. They use it to keep their head torch up

Octopussy, Discover her Bay, Dry Spell - running around in circles round the check

Hare - didn't clear trail of rubbish

Lost at Sea - almost smashed his CX plane into a Dragonair plane

Wanchai Wanker - unwanted at this end of the table.. Awww

Boilers - signed Hopeless' British passport application and verified he is of sound mind. Will probably regret this tomorrow

Hopeless - full name is Mark Anthony. Now everyone really have to bow down to him!

Pole Dancer - has a boyfriend and a husband, and almost forgot it was her anniversary yesterday. But whose anniversary was it?!

Macau Drunk - famous moustache. Getting a lot of comments from the pack. Tight Lips think he has a second job as an actor and AFWD thinks he looks like Shakespeare. Lord Ruggero!

Latecomers - Indy, Lost at Sea, Toilet Spray. Caused so much stress for the hare, he had to go to the ParknShop through the back door to get drinks

Hopeless - was chased on by Lemondrop last night at a lesser hash

Macau Drunk - anniversary 624 runs

Chocolate Starfish - anniversary 25 runs - Paul Buttf*ck drank on her behalf

Visitor - David. Looks like Princess C*ck-Tosser...

Visitor - John, Bondi's son. Where's the resemblance?

Bondi - fatherly love. Waited for John at the rock-climbing bit

Returnee - Kamikaze, last run three years ago, October 2008

Returnee - Boilers. Long hours of being a lawyer...

Returnee - Frank the Plank. Obviously going soft, did the Wimps

Jeff - named Dry Spell - beer baptism by Hopeless

Indy - very quiet in her corner tonight. Is something wrong?

DDs from the floor:

Gobi Lo - given by Hopeless - being very secretive about next week's run

Hare - given by Castrato - took a day and a half to recce and lay the trail

Hare - given by Wanchai Wanker - used a saw to cut the path!

Hare - given by Bondi - out there for a day and a half, that's why there was so much rubbish on trail

Hare - given by 3FM - traumatised the tree surgeon Franz and that's why he buggered off

Kamikaze - given by Hopeless - took a wimp trail for the very first time. Look what being away from HK does to you...

Lost at Sea - given by Indy - did a 3-hour run Ma On Shan before the hash

The song was sung by the latecomers, the early leavers and Macau Drunk

Gobi Lo Ho


HKCC to Braemar Hill 110928 7.86km 94min