LSW 1809 Kwai Fong


The 1809th. run began in an ignoble style with many hashers unable to even find the start unaided. After milling around Kwai Fong MTR station for a while, the MTR map proved more useful than the "discreet" (i.e. invisible) chalk marks and the start was located. After the off, a leg burning climb led after much wheezing and whingeing to a great series of dirt trails along ridges and through valleys. All was going well until an innocent looking check stopped the leaders in their tracks for about fifteen minutes. This allowed the pack to regroup, and the bigger the pack grew, the more confusing and contradictory were the instructions and advice issued about what leads had been investigated and how to solve the check. With the arrival of Indy, who is not known for her reluctance to contribute to discussions, things got about as confusing as possible. Eventually the trail turned out to be down the first lead checked - Ivana Nucock's perception of 100m was more like 250m. She claimed that the monkeys must have eaten the first flour.......

After recommencing and running on for five minutes, the leaders reached the invevitable checkback and turned around. When Inflate-A-Date met the leaders he wouldn't believe there was a checkback and insisted on going on to see it for himself - some people just won't be told. The second half of the run had more good trails around resevoirs and up, down and around various things. However, an Ivana Nucock run wouldn't be complete without some horrific shiggy. The final descent was down a super steep, super loose and super long shiggy trail which had most runners slipping, tripping, falling and cursing. The most impressive spill was by Inflato who managed to do a triple tumble with a twist and a halfpike to finish. Unfortunately he landed on his recently repaired shoulder and was heard to quote Hugh Grant's opening line from Four Weddings and a Funeral: "F*CK, F*CK, F*CKITY-F*CK". By all accounts, although Inflato is not a trained actor he delivered the line convincingly and with force.

At the base of the shiggy, a near-death experience crossing the busy Kwai Chung Road lead on home back to the start. More disturbing than the horrific shiggy was the male bonding done by Wan Chai W*nker, Ruggero and Torsten as they enganged in a playful group shower and cleaned each other up after the run. Well, it was Ivana's birthday, and no good birthday is complete without a cake. As considerate as ever, Gobi Lo Ho had brought her a cake. Unfortunately for Ivana, Gobi was starving when she got back to the start and ate it herself instead. That rounded off another good hash in typical LSW style.


The hare - Ivana Nuc*ck.... Great run

Ivana - Birthday girl..... she's 21 today......

Ivana - starting run at 7.25pm ? so all latecomers would be there for the start..... Indy, Toilet Spray, Wanchai W@nker et al

The Wimps - those who kept the pack late for the bash.... BOFF/Free Wheel/Mrs Free Wheel

BOFF - coming in like he had won a race.... arms raised above his head in victory

DFL - Lost in Space... although he did the Rambos...

BOFF - had already gone for a little 20 km run around other trails before he came to hash tonight.....

The hare/Ivana - volunteering to set run on own birthday day.... what else would you want to do on your birthday>

Lost in Space - trying to get him to volunteer to set a run for eons but keeps flying away..... October 19 has his name on it! (shall get him grounded for the day!)

Ivana - confusing Lost in Space with Lost at Sea in last newsletter... turns out it was Gobi Lo who can't tell the difference!! lookalike Octooussy...

Injuries on the run = BOFF (his little finger), Gary Glitter..... cramps in one leg and then cramps in the other when having his shower..., Ivana Nuc*ck herself.... fell 2 times whilst laying the flour on the downhill shiggy, Inflato... fell badly on his shoulder that he had recently had operated on!

Whinging about the first slippy gravel uphill - Indy (noted by Castrato)

Castrato - still whinging about the 'Steps to Hell' on Indy's Sai Kung run

Franz - shortcutting on the run..... which he swore was not deliberate ....ended up being a long cut!... so he says.

Returnee - Gary Glitter... in between trips to India and Philippines

Non Runner/returnee - Virgin Mary.. Why now and Kwai Fong? Cause it is her b/day tomorrow and she has the day off! (Note - she did not volunteer to set a run on her birthday!!)

Castrato - Did not do the Rambos as worried what surprises Ivana would have in store on the Rambos...

Ivana - Memories of the run she co-hared with Niggles 2 years before that was bordering on Everest climbing... those on that run... Castrato / Indy/ and the Virgin Mary.... her first LSW run and where she got named and has been trying to lose it ever since....

Ivana - 'Illegal' backcheck down the hill on Stage 6 Macklehose....... first flour seemed like a km but kept the pack together... What bsckcheck, the hare says?

Toilet Spray - dressing up for the bash with matching earrings...

Franz - running with long johns but no top on, showing off the 6 pack!

Franz/TS - swapping stories about all the countries they had ben too!.... doing better up situation..... 'well i have been to!' ...'well I have been to!'

Balloon - 2nd run with LSW THIS he interjected to recount his runs from the 'old days'...

Macau Drunk - resurrected the OLD file this past week.... yes Balloon's name is there.... Run Count - 0!

Balloon - they did not record runs in the old days....

Balloon's Hash name - like the old timers..... comes from his surname.. 'Air'... like Hopeless, like Boilers, like Quiche, like Hash Cash..... What imaginations they had!!!

Ivana - the birthday girl.... and all her pressies from the LSW flock

BOFF - the eternal romantic ...presented Ivana with a potted flower.... Ahhhh!

Gobi Lo - in absentia.... had brought a caks for Ivana, but it looked so good that she ate it herself on the MTR... and gave Ivana the crumbs...

Toilet Spray - brought her a tapestried 'purse?' from Mongolia..

Octopussy - gave Ivana a small bottle of red vino.....which Ivana took her DD's from....

Hareraiser Indy..... Will get Macau Drunk to issue bithday list so all future hares will set runs on their birthday...? will end up with bags of goodies and a guaranteed party!

Macau Drunk - shirt inside out..... must be really desperate for DD material, says he!

Gary Glitter.... still recovering from run but stepping up to be Amah!!

DD from Balloon to Ivana... he works in Kwai Fong just near run start... thought 'you beauty... would do run to get to know trails around the local area.... !!! Wrong! No way is he ever going to be going around that Rambo trail !!!

Anniversaries - Lost In Space 150 runs, Octopussy 50 runs

Taikoo 110914 9.5km 87min


Kwai Fong 110921 vs LSW1800


Kwai Fong 110921 vs LSW1800