LSW 1808 Taikoo Shing


Run 1808 by Dr.Evil

Another good 'runner's run' by Dr.Evil, with his SIGNATURE STARECASE! Hopeless had predicted the start location a week earlier - how did he guess???

A to A from Taikoo Shing.

The trail went up Greig Road into the country park then up the concrete drainage canal then right at the bridge up the hill, out on Mt Parker Road. Up the road then left into the shiggy and down to rejoin the ¿Blue Dot Trail? All the way round to Shau Kei Wan, down the embankment past the reservoir then back up the hill again to run in above Kornhill and retrace the start of the run on in on Greig Road.... (Thank you Macau Drunk!)

The On On was in Pizza Express (extra km or two from the finish) - good food and good place despite the wrong atmosphere which can make one think they should have showered before coming there... or at least changed out of their soaked gear..

Indy is the only non-Blackberry owner who is allowed to do down downs.. therefore here goes:

Indy's circle

The hare for being the hare

Ivana Nukok for

F3M - went to California Fitness to shower

Sticky Sex Toy - no shower. Amazing. As Catch of the Day was calling her last FCH - Stinky Sexy Toy

Lost in Space - 1st hash Aussie

Thermal Dick ran uphill despite ankle injury

Dr.Evil for almost forgetting to set the run

Franz for having an extravagant looking wallet, to put it mildly - a plastic soup container with a rope attached to it

Octopussy for have a seat reserved for her by Sticky Sex Toy

Free Wheel for wearing new shoes and for refusing to drink out of them

Thermal Dick - all his days in hibernation with family in tow, wife, son, daughter and friend

Thermal Dick for admiring Lost at Sea.. and a haircut

Gobi Lo's circle

Hare - not knowing he is the hare after a long summer holiday in Denmark

Hare - for the uphill at the end that got everyone cursing

Hare - for a run under 10km!

3FM - finishing the hash before Hopeless, yet went back out on trail to come back AFTER Hopeless so as to not hurt his feelings

Discover Her Bay - spent mid-autumn festival tackling Lantau Peak with Chatroom who wouldn't stop talking

Freewheel - almost having a heart attack on trail

Lost at Sea - twisted ankle in January so can't hash till today. Really? Not because of the CX sex scandal?!

Wanchai Wanker - behaving like one of the crazies, walked into a tree

Visitors/returnees - Erin, Balloon, Splash

Balloon - sneaky returnee from the early 90s - he's actually a Southsider and not supposed to be here, will have hell to pay tomorrow

Sticky Sex Toy - the only one who knows Paul's hash name and wouldn't tell anyone. She wants to sell it for the right price

Octopussy - complained that there was no softies at the end of the run

Indy - Lost in Space is not enough for her, she has porn on her iphone4

3FM and Priscilla (lookalike ) and Hopeless - brought Priscilla for a romantic night on Valentine's day to the Peninsula hotel, then to a ballet show. And Hopeless paid for all of it!

Thermal Dick - set a run for a lesser hash last time at Tai Koo with a f*cked-up close check at the bridge: one two free four

3FM and Erin - 3FM doesn't understand American English. "Slow down, I don't understand what you're saying!"

Hare - not a Motormouth-free run but a Motormouth-free on on

Ivana Nucock - one track training isn't enough, will do two tomorrow!

Freewheel - anniversary - 50 runs…… since 1993!

Hare - excellent run, thank you

The song was sung by the hare and next week's hare, as well as the anniversary boy, Freewheel

Taikoo 110914 9.5km 87min