LSW 1806 Braemar Hill


Numbers meeting at the Braemar Hill Playground were swelled by eight visitors from the USS Boxer and several hashers en route to the Beijing Nash Hash. The hares weren't present but Bite' n'Suck told us that hare Castrato had co-opted Verbal Diarrhoea to go and reset the trail at 6pm after a huge downpour.

The hash markings were explained then out the park we went in time to see a besuiited Hopeless arriving up the hiill. Left up to the path at the St. Joan of Arc School. At the trail check we went left along the contour path for a good stretch with a couple of false trails going right up the hill. At the check on the bridge we went right up the river bed trail to another check which is where it all went horribly wrong. After checking in all directions repeatedly, Hopeless arrived despite having set off 15mins late and eventually trail was found going up the shiggy. A slight descent to go along the broken catchwater that previously claimed Bob le Dick and Crash Test Dummy. Up the stone steps towards the radio masts then out past the Mt Butler Radio Station building and onto Sir Cecils on back to Braemar Hill Road.

Where was the split people asked of the hares when they found themselves back at the start ? The Rambos had been abandoned due to rain, so everyone had done the wimps and were back within the hour except for Bangkok who'd twisted her ankle and headed directly home. Hopeless only found that out after he'd done the trail for the second time in order to find her.

On on to the Open Rice restaurant for plenty of food including a surprising number of vegetable dishes - where are the vegetablists when you need them.

The down downs by Gobi Lo Ho

Hare - run too short

Hare - re-setting the run after the rain

Hare - for the check that f*cked all of us for fifteen minutes at the check

Creme Brulee - Camel tried to dance with her but she found him repulsive, said she would rather have Small Bone instead!

Come into my Tunnel - asked Gobi Lo to do the moontrekker and before she could give him an answer, moved on to ask Chatroom Paedophile. Karma? The race is fully signed up, no more slots left, serves him right.

CIMT - proper hash name is Come IN My Tunnel. Not Come Into My Tunnel

Drew - returned torch to Gobi Lo but it's actually 3FM's. She and Gobi Lo look alike. Now it's not just Chinese girls who look alike!

Rich, 20 Buckfuck, Drew, Threeway Freeway f*cker, James, Knucklehead Greg - visitors

Threeway Freeway f*cker - only eats meat. Good for her, she has two hunky black men tonight

James - looking for dried crickets in HK

James - actually looked for flowers (and not flour) on trail!

Knucklehead Greg - birthday boy

James and Greg - White guys can't jump but black guys get beaten by the Chinese boys at basketball!

Virgin Adam - providing services to Wanchai Wanker. What services, I don't really want to know...

Gary Glitter - only turns up for runs at Braemar Hill

BitenSuck - putting on make-up after the run

Verbal Diarrhoea - "But honey, it's only 9:30!"

Bite n Suck - was asked to do support for the Melbourne Trailwalker for her daughter

Ruggero - Timotei moment

Bei - new shoes

Bei - re-named "Discover Her Bay"

Freewheel - had to use magnifying glass to read his mobile

Octopussy - embezzled hash cash for a hoilday in Taiwan, but no luxury holiday, only to visit family. Should have gone to Hawaii instead!

Crash Test - goes mountaineering for two weeks, not a single scratch, then back to HK for the LSW hash and had a spectacular crash

Wanchai Wanker - "You guys have no hash manners!" The oxymoron statement of the year, coming from WW

Lost in Space - flying political fugitives and dictators

Hare - Lewis and Clark: explorers in US... Found bear sausages on the other side of the country... I still don't see what the relevance is to a run at Braemar Hill?!

Bei - Earthquake at Washington, chaos at the zoo. Gorilla carried the baby gorilla up a tree, monkeys screeched, komodo dragon went to hide in a shelter, snakes were visibly upset, But pandas? Didn't do no shit.

Hopeless - lookalike LIS - the hero tonight, went out to look for Bang C*ck

DDs from the floor:

3FM - given by Creme Brulee - "I would like to wet myself... I prefer the men to do it to me."

Gobi Lo - given by 3FM - for being a "good friend" to Discover Her Bay by giving her a DD from her new shoe...

The circle closed with a last DD to Castrato, the hare.

The song was sung by those heading to Beijing for the China Nash Hash - Wanchai Wanker, Bite'nSuck, Verbal Diarrhoea, Creme Brulee.

Braemar Hill 110831 5.1km 43min