LSW 1805 Sai Wan Ho


The Run...

A fine bunch of hashers were gathered for the fine Freewheeling run. The start point was the new park near Sai Wan Ho MTR. Playground, plants, toilets, ponds, fake boats, what more could one want?

So the runners were out to the seafront with a noticeable and ominous absence of markings. Some confusion at Oi Kan Road before a general realization that it was probably off to the right. Down the seafront to the end of the walkway and then into a little park and the first wimp Rambo split. The Rambo's further off to the left past the Tam Kung Temple then down a road at which there was a lot of faffing about. At this point Ninja Winger threw a complete epi and stormed off home.

Funnily enough, straight on was actually the right way to go, and after the regulation hundred yards Gobi espied flour and off we were. Round to the left and up some stairs and then straight up the side of a hill. The hill went on some time and there really was an awful lot of up. Finally we reached a kind of top and a catchwater and it was right off and on on on.

A click or so down the catchwater we came across the second wimp Rambo split. The Rambos went off to the right and down. Up and down an undulating series of metal walkways. Up and down and down and up and down and down, down, down. And then left and shiggy up, up, up, up, up, up, up up to rejoin the catchwater. Phew!

A little more flat along the catchwater and suddenly a mini-checkback and up the hill again. At this point the bright orange lights of the radar dome at Mt Parker were really not very far away. However we didn't go all the way there, the trail turned right and then wove along the contours on a dirt path until we finally met up with a path going down stairs through a bamboo grove.

This really was the end of the uphill. A series of precipitous drops down the side of a shotcrete slope, stairs after stairs finally brought us out onto the street at Yiu Tung Estate and then left down Yiu Hing Road. There was a little confusion at the bottom but essentially we wound through the streets until we hit the MTR and home.

Inflato normally gets his tool out in the toilets. Unfortunately the fun police stood over the whole gathering so no hosing was possible. However there were showers next to the MTR and then on to a trad Chinese named Tai Ping which SST translates as Big and Prosperous. Good hearty food and lashings of SanMig Ale.

Down downs...

By Chatroom

Converse guy - breaking our eardrums by testing his whistle at the on in.

Castrato - presenting his coin slot to collect hash cash.

Ninja winja - couldn't solve the second check, threw a hissy fit, went back to the start. Went home.

Comes 6 time by the window - winging about coming all the way to quarry bay for bad mexican food - its HONG kong. What did u expect?

C6X - haven't come for a long time... And hash also! C6X running in circles looking for a changing spot. Bathrooms very close by.

Inflata - "I never shout at check backs".

Not insprirtational - never do down downs.

GLH - plover cove round 2. Doesn't invite chatroom.

Returnee - bite and suck and verbaral diarrhea.

Ivana nukok. - refuses to move out of chatrooms apt.

Freewheel - where did everybody go? Especially my WIFE.

CIMT - bragging about how much less he smells now than before

CIMT - jealous that sticky sex toy is sitting by an American, not a German.

Freewheel - "As a runner I never see a checkback. Don't even know what they look like".

Motorcycle runners - tight lips, pole dancer, chatroom.

CIMT. 180 pound trainers - finally paid off. First runner in. Only because no-name Paul (in plain brand trainers) missed the turn in.

SST - got 4 pairs of trainers for the price of one of CIMT.

By Indy

Freewheel - for stepping up to the plate

Oral Diarrhea - glad to be back?

Bite & Suck - for being a kept woman

Paul B***k - for having a secret hash name

Ruggero - for not knowing Paul B***k's hash name

Bite & Suck and Oral Diarrhea - for arriving at 1am

Sticky Sex Toy - for introducing Indy to the world of Skorts

DAM - for getting food poisoning

London Lady - for sounding American, or Australian, or something odd

Come into my Tunnel - for having teacher envy

Teachers, Pilots, Paul B***k, London Lady, Castrato - for having long holidays

Denvy Lo - for thinking Indy lives on a boat

Tight Lips - for being a role model

Castrato - for not writing down the down downs (what and hash cash and and beer bitch at the same time)

Chatroom - for lifting SSTs skort. Only it wasn't.

By Castrato

Indy - for wearing her skort back to front

Sai Wan Ho