LSW 1803 Sheung Wan


First of all, thank you very much Ivana Nucock & AFWD swapped the run indeed, and set the run in heavy rain, very appreciated. It's another typical evidence of Work-Life balance theory/life style collapse in HK, regardless which part of the earth you come from. Or according to CIMT, his appearance here is mainly for W&M, so may be the theory/life style has never collapse to him.

Anyway, the God must decided to show mercy, tell us how well he looks after his children after given a test to IN & AFWD for their run setting skill in rain. The weather switched off from thunderstorm, pouring rain to dry& hot by the time I stepped out of the office and rush to the A.

A short distance before the entrance of the park to A, I heard a few unclear but loud noises from my left hand side, most of the people on the street turned their head toward the noise direction and try to find out what's going on, while I made my move a bit faster, the shout was clearer, it's 'on, on'!

Arrived A, warm welcome by the hares, quick instruction and suggestion to do the R, set off on my own. The trail was very well mark, and most of the flavours survived, I guess it's set sometime after 3pm? I didn't know what time the rain stopped but it was still pouring rain around 3. Well done the hares!

Not much hope to catch up with the group, and with such good marking, I was happy to run on my own speed and enjoy the quietness as usual, but may be the affect of reading too much ghost novel recently, a sense of uncomfortable feeling push myself run faster, and yell louder not long after the SW, R split, tried to shake off the shadow of there may be other form of human being around me in the dark. I didn't realised how loud I yelled until I heard someone called 'on, on' somewhere far below me, I was joy and run faster and faster, keep yelling and finally saw Lost in Space from the space in front of me. Worry no more, the run was completed happily with LIS's company.

Down Downs by Gobi Lo:

Hares - setting the run in rain and thunder

Hares - set the run with string but not one runner saw any string. Oops, mistake, Lost in Space and Wanchai Wanker saw it - Gobi Lo to drink DD

Tight Lips - property market crashed, so have to do an Indy: yacht as a house. Building a yacht now, so no time to hash

Come into my Tunnel & Toilet Spray - supposed to hare this run but managed to escape the bad weather by swapping the run with Ivana Nucock. Lucky b*stards

AFWD - still ditching the bash to go home to the new gf. P*ssy-whipped!

Vanilla Rice - doing super flexible yoga stretches, caught the eye of many girls. Advertising that he is good in bed!

Vanilla Rice - no torch, again, trying to be macho!

Paul - FRB without power gel this time

Paul - actually, he (very sneakily) had a power gel just before the run...

Paul - the real reason he's hashing = he's not getting any sex!

Jamie - virgin hasher

Jamie - Motormouth made her come! That's not an image we want in our heads...

Thermal Dick - still injured... FRBs waiting for him to get well to have some competition

Hopeless - lookalike Lost in Space - comes back from NYC, finally can do DDs again but still buggered off because of a work promotion. He's no longer a full-time hasher, sadly

Catch of the Day - hashes all the time because she has no life, no family, no dogs...

3FM - lookalike Ivana Nucock - dragonboat time trail last Saturday morning after Friday Hash the night before, came in second, blamed the DDs given to her. Actually beer was carbo-loading - HTFU!!

Lost in Space and all the Asian girls - pilots are not only overpaid, they get plenty of action in the cockpit with flight attendants as evident in the recent CX sex scandal photos

Bangkok - had two balut eggs but were crushed in the bag, so bag stinks of dead fetus!

Wanchai Wanker - giving advice on how to get a bargain at the restaurant: throw a hissy fit of epic proportions, threaten to call the boss, ask for name and complain. Hey, it actually worked - corkage fee per person was brought down to $20

CIMT and Toilet Spray - German told Chinese: "You'd better do the write-up because your English is better than mine." German is just a lazy b*stard

Frank the Plank - lookalike (Freewheel) - and Motormouth: Frank sent video clip of a Wanchai hash in 1993, saying: "The women: other than Motormouth, did any survive??"

Paul and Motormouth - no one present knew what Paul's hash name is, not even MM!! I thought I'd never see this day...

DDs from the floor:

Paul - given by Ivana Nucock - being very anal, realized he didn't run the right way back so went back out on trail to do the last bit properly

Gobi Lo - given by Paul - competition on the hash with Crash Test Dummy

The circle was closed with a final DD to Ivana Nucock, for setting a great run despite the downpour. Well done!

The song was sung by the oldest-surviving hashers, Freewheel and Motormouth, as well as next week's hares.


Hollywood Road Park 110810 10.05km 77min