LSW 1802 Wong Nai Chung Gap


LSW run 1802 by Winnebago and Crash Test Dummy

A to B. From Parkview to Chai Wan

Another great run with extra awards from the famous duet of Winnebago and Crash Test Dummy!

This time we got no certificates at the finish, but instead we were told that if we go the wrong way at the checks instead of going the right way, then we can win the hash! This is not easy for a typical hasher's half-brain to process, I am afraid that yours truly missed the point completely. Apparently, if you run into a T and stick around there long enough to find a Winnebago/CTD Loser disk, and then run into more T's and collect more Loser Disks than any other loser, then you are the Winner. Or something like that. Congratulations to the winner - Cheesy Flying Fox!

The trail followed HK Mountain Marathon train for a while, then along the blue dotted trail, took a shortcut on Mountain Marathon trail, at one point went down to Cape Collinson Road, across the Reservoir, and finally down to Chai Wan. There were 2 Rambo-Wimps splits. The finish was near a sports centre with showers (a very harmful and time consuming practice) then off to the On On in a Chinese seafood restaurant which was a very good value, probably because we did not order sea food.

Down downs from Gobi Lo and Octopussy:

- The hares for being the hares
- The hares for making FRB even more competitive than they usually are by introducing the disk game
- Octopussy for being given all the disks collected by Cheesy Flying Fox
- Bobble Dick for going skiing in the summer
- Toilet Spray (Paul look alike) for running like a mad man, taking energy gels on the hash, when the baby is due in a few weeks
- Hares for arriving at B after the FRBs
- Bobble Dick for arriving at A late and holding the hares so that the hares arrived at B after FRBs
- Ivana Nukok for her interest in large and hard things
- Creme Brule for turning down a marriage proposal
- New runners for being new runners
- Visitors from Wanchai Hash - G-String and Bang Cock
- Thermal Dick. Returnee. Overheating problem
- Other returnees: Road Rage, was away for 10 years, and trying to hide his name Vanity Fare
- Georgia From Behind for being the beer bitch and having a suspicious name Vanilla Rice
- Free Will (Bare Ass look alike) coming to B with 2 girls and a big smile on his face. Sex on the hash. Or did he only watch?
- Free Will for wearing orange and trying to be like Hopeless
- Cum into My Tunnel for having a drooling female co-worker escort him to the hash every week
- Tight Lips - returnee
- Inflate-a-Date something about diamonds
- Georgia From Behind for dealing Coke. "Here have a Coke, I don't want to carry it all back, take it"
- Bang Cock and G-String for having a Camel Toe - a black toe after Camel stepped on it
- Wanchai Wanker for arriving late and by himself - obviously wanking in Wanchai
- HP Salsa for having been in Asia for too long. He is texting while going down shiggy trail. And got a pink shirt for his Birthday
- Crush Test Dummy, Bang Cock, Free Will for having been in Asia for too long and taking photos of food and every object around them

Down downs from the floor.

Georgia From Behind for being reluctant to invest in a torch. "I have a flash light on my Nokia phone.."

Song was sung by the returnees and the rest of us joined


Wong Nai Chung Gap to Chai Wan 110803 8.69km 58min