LSW 1799 The Peak


Mystery of the missing hare - "David Fenn"

A gaggle of hashers fought past the tourist up to The Peak to be told it was going to be a live hare job because the co-hare had disappeared. Does anyone even know David Fenn or is he just Ashole's imaginary friend?!

And so off went the sole hare armed with only one bag of flour and one stick of chalků it did not bode well. Hashers waited and other hashers arrived. Gobi Lo and Wanchai Wanker arrived running up the hill knocking down tourists to say that a bus had broken down on the road up so there would be lots of late hashers. Thankfully Freewheel, looked around at all the front running bastards, and offered to take Evil Braless' place to free wheel it down the hill in a taxi with the bags. Thanks FW but what ever happened to "David Fenn"?

After giving the sole live hare a good 15 minutes head start, the pack headed off, again knocking down tourists on their way along Barker Road down to May Road to a Check. Sparse flour markings were finally found in the middle of the busy road rather than the safe pavement, down to Magazine Gap Road, and then along the well known Bowen Road. Now instead of dodging tourists we were dodging proper runners. Off Bowen Road down to Kennedy Road then Queen's Road East past Hopewell Centre where the pack met Gobi Lo re-marking backwards. Thank you GL. On Home to Southorn Playground to thankfully find our bags, but horror of all horrors, no beer and no ice! Off to the 7-11 went some of the thirsty hashers to buy their own beer and softies.

Thankfully a sweaty hare turned up, with Ninja Winja and Jacky, with bags of beer, softies and thankfully ice, and then proceeded to reprimand poor Hilton, Inflato's son, for trying to "steal" a softy.

After drinks and showers the party headed off to Jo Jo's Curry House. Ashole asked Marmalade Head "Have you been there before?". "Never" lies Marmalade Head. Obviously Ashole doesn't know the old time hashers and their regular presence at Jo Jo's.

After the usual wonderful curry, DDs were awarded by Gobi Lo and Wanchai Wanker:

Gobi Lo's DD:

Freewheel - doesn't know Wanchai well at all - really?!

Freewheel - pressed against a young boobalicious chick in the elevator and picked her up

Inflato - son Hilton is a mini-Hopeless, "it must go this way, keep your eyes open, look out for flour!!"

Bombay Wet Dreams, Marmalade Head - Marmalade Head was at the airport with the kids, plane about to take off but where is the wife? Bombay was doing her own "sex in the desert" - forgot to pick up her passport at the embassy!

The hare - bags not at B before the runners get back (well the front runners anyway)

Evil Braless - I have no idea how she can run down Wong Nai Chung Gap Rd without a bra. Surely it must hurt?!

Inflato - no running mojo when he doesn't have his usual shoes (Hilton was wearing them)

Master Wanker - I need to bring my own torch, I can't share, because I'm always in front!

Wanchai Wanker's: WW lost the DDs and apparently they were not funny either so no loss there!

The song was sung and then a cry of "On On to the Best Run of the Year, the 1800th LSW weekend run!"

 Peak to Wanchai 110720 6.69km 35min