LSW 1798 Pokfulam


A valiant effort from the pressganged returnee hare Sweaty Snail Gobbler and his assistant Easy Over, filling in for Mistress Indy, indisposed on her last day of the year's teaching assignment.

Use of Chinese funeral money or "Hell Bank Notes" plus paper Check and ONONs to combat the downpours of rain helped a little as chalk and most of the flour was washed away.

Allegedly the Rambos split was somewhere around the 2km mark, rejoining the trail at the 4km marker in the attached. "Through some sh*t" one Rambo was heard to say as Dr. Evil & Hopeless tried to back track from the rejoin at Lugard/Hatton Roads to find the elusive R trail..........

The Check at the 7km royally stuffed up the pack again. Some lucky punters found the true trail, some kind of "Knutshy Special" illegal Back Check into some obscure bush (quote) while Hopeless remarked an extra loop in blue chalk to take the luckless md-range pack down towards Pokfield Road, and back onto the Out Trail for the run in home.

A hurried change of clothes to get to the Bash "at the usual dumpling place" with its floral chair covers, matched / camouflaged by ADWD's trousers.

ONON to Ashole and The Peak A to B next Weds. Weather forecast still "persistent" by the looks of it.

Well done the hares!

PS - Happy "Birth Week" to Octopussy and the absent Chatroom.

PokFuLam 110713 9.37km 88min