LSW 1797 Aberdeen


Hares - Macao Drunk, Barbie & chopper

So what do we call this run? Ruggero certainly had a reputation to maintain. The Aberdeen sauna bowl run (Hopeless), birthday special, teachers holiday run or the Boilers family day out? Whatever is was quite a clever run making the best use of a very limited space. Standing in for Indy is a hard act to follow but at least since Indy was not giving the down downs I will not be typing for 3 hours ….

The Run

Well when we started at the usual place on Aberdeen Reservoir Road we might have expected the run to go up and over but no Ruggero had something else in store. It started in the usual direction, up the Aberdeen Reservoir Road with a 3 way check at the top of the road, the routes to the left T'd, a long checkback on the route past the Lower reservoir, T'd across the reservoir wall, back to the playground and down the riverbed.

A check half way down the riverbed near the Yue Kwong Road exit slowed the pack as it surged relentlessly on and on, then coming down to a check on Aberdeen Praya Road and over the main road. Uneventful so far, the first FRB falling for a long check back left along Wong Chuk Hang Road at the petrol station with the trail going over the Ap Lei Chau Bridge. Surely not enough trails on Ap Lei Chau to keep an LSW pack at bay? Over the bridge, Hopeless was the FRB but fell for a complex 5 way check on Ap Lei Chau Bridge Road, I found him look exasperated until he heard the call behind him. He almost found the B by accident. Finally an intrepid hasher piled over the wall to the left of the bridge and sprinted down the shiggy to the harbour side.

The pack stormed down Ap Lei Chau Praya Road, past Larvotto to a check back at the end of the road at a boat yard entrance which brough most of the pack back together. The trail ran up some metal steps behind Larvotto and back past Larvotto and up a storm water drain and over the fence onto Lei Tung Estate Road. By this stage the pack was beginning to stretch out, as we ran up yet more steps and through a bus stop towards the Ap Lei Chau Service Reservoir Playground. Again Ruggero managed to get the pack back together with a check back down a hill towards Horizon Plaza with the true trail running up yet more steps and a bit of shiggyand into the start of Yuk Kwai Chan walk. The pack tired as it labored up over a final hill down through the estates then over Ap Lei Chau Bridge road and On Home to the Ap Lei Chau Waterfront Promenade.

The map

A few beers and a boat ride later the pack finally arrived at the well frequented Aberdeen Chinese Thai place. The hashers drifted in over a period of 40 minutes. Boilers and I arrived after a grand tour of the harbour to find Rear Ender patiently waiting at the table with child!

A huge spread followed by chocolate birthday cake

The Down Downs

Excellent trail from the Ruggero family in the sauna bowl of Aberdeen. Hares - Ruggero, Barbie and Sholto – man excellent trail although one suspects Ruggero junior may have run most of the checks. Train them early!

Ruggero - forgot to mark B and as a result nearly lost Ashhole who got totally lost and went back to A in taxi without any cash or a phone (more on this later)

Filthy Festering Felch Monster – usurping my usual habit of phoning Hopeless for directions and asking where the usual hash start and complaining that there was no chalk from the bus station

Hopeless – Breaking the first 3 checks in seconds and then getting totally then f*cked up by a 5-way Check Back and until finally getting rescued by the pack even more pissed that I found him throwing a bit of a wobbly.

Happy Slippers – Almost got Buttfan lost on long downhill and then almost killed her

Toilet Spray, Asshhole, Ivana Nucock, Octopussy – Lost Hashers

First timers - Easy Over, Bangkok and Vanilla Rice – with Bangkok starting her week long birthday celebrations in style at the best hash in Hong Kong

Ivana Nucock - Bringing Vanilla Rice to the hash. When was the last time she made him come? We should be told. Is he the Nu Cock?

Non-runner – Rearender and junior

Bangkok, Boilers, Sticky Sex Toy - Birthdays - cake, cards and song

Michelle and SST - School Holidays as from the weekend. The teachers have another 8 week holiday. It’s a good life for some!

Boilers - Spotted training for the hash or was he just running to get into New Makiti’s?

Octopussy - Took so long in the shower that she turned up to the bash 40 minutes after everyone else. What does she have that takes so long to wash?

Wanchai W-nker - says he will actually recce the 1800th at 8am this Saturday – Well we managed to be on trail at 9am and a fine trail it was too!

Bangkok - getting Caligula a ball sack waxing before she arrived. I don’t know what that means and I don’t want anyone to explain!

Hares - MM and Indy free run.

Michelle – For being a member of the cheapskate hash who managed to do a Pizza Hut on on with no beer for $40. The Kowloon managed a $50 on on tonight with almost unlimited beer!

Ruggero – Left to his fate by all the other Lamma-ites and had to defend the honour of all the HK island inhabitants – impossible!

Michelle and Vanilla Ice – behaving like students and Bobbledick - "I always carry my box". There was so much food we had to do a take-out

SST and Michelle, Mr Happy Slippers - All teachers (again) for taking 3 months off

Next week’s hare - WW as last minute press ganged by Indy, has to do write-up. I hate to say it I am not next week’s hare I just agreed to write the down downs. Which I am now attempting after a night’s hashing so apologies for the (lack of) quality.

Ivana Nucock – panicing about losing her phone then finding it in her bag

Ashhole - After getting lost, took a taxi to B with no cash whatsoever, tried to pay with an Octopus card and fortunately being rescued by Toilet Spray who turned up incredibly late at A!

Song - birthday people and the hare

On – on – on to Wanchai for a select few.

Aberdeen to ApLeiChau 110706 7.32km