LSW 1796 Wong Tai Sin


Hares - Inflate-a-date & Yummy Mummy

The afternoons torrential downpour had stopped by the time we arrived at Wong Tai Sin. According to Inflato it stopped as soon as he had finished setting the run. And because of that he announced that the trail was marked with $50m hell bank notes either cut to a point for direction or arranged in a cross for a check. Oh, and where you see three parallel notes beware - you could get quite badly hurt if you go wrong.

And with that, it was up over the walkway from the station towards Sha Tin Pass Rd. A detour then return to the road in front of the electricity sub station and Fat Chong temple. Lots of checking behind the temple until we found the markings that Back Draught missed continuing up the road.

A lot of confusion at the next trail below the reservoir. Eventually Plod found some more markings that Back Draught had missed, then on with the long slog up to MacLehose stage 5. Right along the path returning to Sha Tin Pass Rd at the teahouse where we shiggied up the last time.

We followed the road left round the back of Temple Hill to the check at Grasscutter's Pass on the Sha Tin Pass Rd. Across the road and down the shiggy route for the 450m descent and on home to the Loveshack.

Different types of beer for every occasion followed by salad, canneloni and pizza. All good - thank you the hares.

Down downs by Hopeless:

Hares - good run after the Amber Rain warning.

Ugly beer bitch - WW.

Those that ran last week's Bobbledick run

Those that ran last weeks run with Gin n Vomit - and ended up 8km from B - in the opposite direction - Toilet Spray

Hare - paper money arrows

Backdraft - can't read Checks

F3M - missed 2nd check along with Backdraft

Plod finally found trail and we all did the Rambos

Backdraft - set similar trails in the area (twice for RS2H3) and was boasting that there wasn't much about this run he didn't already know - still got almost every Check wrong.

DFL - Free Wheel and Toilet Spray

Longest showers - Octopussy and Toilet Spray and Backdraft

Hash Crash - as predicted Plod

Michelle - setting last weeks ladies hash on a bike

Octopussy - no longer an illegal alien

SST - abandoned her to go run with the gay hash in Macau

Hash Cash (Castrato) - lost 2 payers

2 poofs in poofs - Plod and Ruggero

Visitor / Returnee from 1991 - Nancy Boy

102 - Wanchai Wnker
626 - Hopeless

52D is Yummy Mummy's address not her bra size - F3M

Dr Evil - being named by Plod's brother in law

Non calling front runners (or too far ahead?) - Dr Evil and Backdraft.

Next weeks hare - Ruggero - no idea yet where the run is.

WW and Hopeless and Nancy Boy and Plod sang the song before everyone joined in.

Wong Tai Sin 110629 9.39km