LSW 1793 Sai Wan Ho


Hares Sticky Sex Toy & Crash Test Dummy

The Run

Amazing coincidence, when I opened up the file for the last time I wrote a HK LSWH3 newsletter, (read my UK Reunion write-up) it was after another Sticky S3x Toy run, 1770/Cyberport and with cohare Toilet Spray.

This time she was teed up with Crash Test Dummy and chose a great new park location in Aldrich Bay, Sai Wan Ho - the previous site of The Island Pacific Golf Driving Range.

Driving Range

The pack were rather intrigued by double headed arrows between the MTR station and the start location, which also included a Check in the park. So the first Check was solved by virtue of the fact the pack had seen the true trail already when walking in.

Numbers swelled over the 20 mark as two briefings were delivered by the (seemingly) nervous hares. Instructions included "all Checks are open, except one where I made a mistake so the arrow ends in a T so you need to go back to the Check". Hmmmm. Then: "Oh, and the first bit is urban so the markings may have disappeared". Hmmmm2.

So off the pack went, passing Ashole and Mei Not Come by the MTR exit as they were arriving late. Yes, first bit was urban - in fact featured a bridge and 5 layers of escalators to eventually surface on Yiu Hing Road, below ShauKeiWan Service Reservoir.

Up the service reservoir road to the terracing and onto the top via the shiggy trail rather than the concrete steps. Turn up towards Kornhill and then several Checks brought us onto the long contour trail that comes out on Mount Parker Road by the Ag' & Fish buildings.

This was the first Wimp/Rambo split, the Rambos heading up towards Sir Cecil's Ride and a loop, Wimps down the steps towards Mount Parker Lodge. W/R reconnect by the downwash drain, and then a run around Kornhill estate and onto the 2nd split at the junction Hong On/Yue Streets.

The Rambos headed down under the Expressway flyover while the Wimps actually had a longer trail going round to pop out on King's Road further up before a rejoin and an "ON Home".

First Wimps and Rambos finished together at the 1:04 mark.

Well done the hares, good run!

See the combined map below. Rambos in yellow, Wimps in red

The Down Downs by Wanchai W@nker
The hares SST & CTD
The Germans - cucumber e.coli poisoning - Come Into My Tunnel and Crème Brûlée
Pork knuckle down down - the Germans
The hares - SST hiding in her bush - and Crash Test perving
Gobi Lo - "hash" smell on the run
Castrato - drinking his mother's milk at the table
Returnees - Hopeless and F3M
Inflato and Yummy Mummy - new earrings and ring - salaries are not high in Cathay at all
SST - hiding beers
Comes Up The Rear - drinking sludge water at the restaurant
Hoovering the food - Hopeless and Backdraft
Ruggero - hard to get DD material on him
F3M - dropping pork in her pot
The Germans and Gobi Lo - interference
F3M - batteries ran out on the run, plus SST who needs new ones too
Castrato and Ashole (lookalike Comes Up The Rear) - I forget what for.....

Crash Test Dummy's Circle
Americans - Backdraft - run 1793 - 218 years and still no decimal system in USA
SST - for setting a Check on the way to the start

SST Circle
Li Na tennis victory - beating yanks to win French Open tennis (actually she beat an Italian in the final, but scuppered a few Septics on the way)

F3M circle
Backdraft for having detailed knowledge of coffee etiquette

The Song was sung by the hares and The Germans.

Sai Wan Ho 110608 10.36km 72min