LSW 1789 Tsing Yi


Started from Tsing Yi Town Park.

Nice Park with gardens, fountains and ponds

Started promptly at 7:20 with about 25 runners.

Urban running for first part of run then into country park and trails.

Plenty of hills to climb and taking in some spectacular views of Hong Kong and harbour.

Well marked trail and easy terrain with good paths.

At Wimps/Rambos split I opted for Wimps knowing hash’s tending to be on long side of late and not wanting any nasty surprises. Good choice for me as I was out for over 1 hr 40.

The following is my best interpretation of the down downs from the notes I obtained from Indy and partially produced myself. Not in any particular order.

HP Salsa - Not writing down down-downs. Also for doing the first and last write-ups for hash’s by Knutshy

Indy - late because of solicitor meeting’ and going round in circles.

Come in my tunnel – Shit markings

Knutshy – Set 5 out of 30 runs.

Hopeless – Pissed of b4 down-downs when it was arranged near airport express for him to get to airport.

Hopeless – Watching cartoons.

Hopeless – Doing the map from the airport.

Knutshy – Ordering so much beer

Cheesy Flying Fox – Bumping into woman on hash

Macau drunk – A father with hair

Bobbledick – Now goes by French name Bobblë le Dick.

Frank the plank – winning Action Asia racing category: Boble le Dick – would have won if had done one more race.

Lost in space – Cannot tell the difference between Gary Glitter and Frank the Plank!

HP Salsa – Dereliction of duty and taking piss during down downs.

Boilers – No respect for hash shirt.

Wanchai Wanker – Shut the f*ck up AGAIN!!

John – Son of Bondi Barbie: Just for being there.

Bobble le Dick – Wore 1991 shirt when Knutshy was 1. Something about 1787/Eskimo Nell/Surry Hash and founding Australia.

Knutshy – On Facebook says he has flu. Claiming to be running genius runs even when sick! Giving up smoking.


Bondi Barbie + son (John)

Youngest hashers:

John + Knutshy


: Rice packer from Colorado

Michell – Runs with ladies hash

Geneva Ted – For sewing his own curtains. Flying home tmw


200 runs for Gary Glitter since 5 July 00

Go Below Ho – 50 run’s since 10 March 2010

High attendance record: Ruggeroo ( over 15 years!) / Knutshy


 Tsing Yi 110525 9.52km 86min