LSW 1786 Quarry Bay Park


LSW 1786 Cinco de Mayo run

Hares - Lost in Space, The Virgin Mary

A fractious pack of on time arrivals started haranguing the hares as to why we didn't start at the other Quarry Bay Park that we had to walk past from the MTR (er... covered stands?), or alternatively why the start should have been from Taikoo MTR as it was much closer. With that cleared up we were told to run back to the other Quarry Bay Park whence we came and find the first markings. Collective groan. However we had a huge advantage over the late arrivals who missed the park discussion so didn't know where to run back to to find the first flour. They did 3kms before even finding it LOL.

From thereon is was a good, fairly straight forward, mostly runners run. Over the tram lines then up that long flight of stairs up Braemar Hill. Kin says that Pak Fuk was in there somewhere, then into the country park at Willshire Towers. Up to Morning Walker Garden - over Mount Butler - Quarry Gap - down Mount Parker Road. We followed a few of Dr. Evil's markings down to the country park management office then back up onto the Hong Pak Country Trail before resuming our descent down Mt. Parker Rd. We took the next trail off the road (Wilson Trail/Quarry Bay Tree Walk?) round to Kornhole and down Greig Road on home. A good, well marked run which kept most of the pack quite well together, and it was only after 3 or 4 beers that the late arrivals drifted on in. The taco truck arrived with mountains of food which was then all washed down with Corona.

The down-downs were led by Kuntshy and recorded by Catch of the Day thus:

Kuntshy - opening speech in Spanish

Hares (Lost in Space, Virgin Mary) - too much marking, tequila abajo abajo.

Lost in Space - need to work next day.

Virgin Mary - have a business trip next day.

Motormouse - wasted drink

Freewheel (Hopeless looklike) - complained the run is not good enough

Gin vomit (Jo looklike) - complain foods are expensive

Lost in Space, Catch of the day, Comeinmytunnel - lived in California before

Hares - something wrong with foods tonight and Bobbledick didn't stay for dinner.

Crush as dummy - something about his torch?

Virgin Mary - wrong marking on top of hill in Super Rambo trail

Dr Evil - went to wrong turn and back to the same trail

Indy - new shoes. defense herself it is not, because the shoes has bad smell already. pour tequila to her shoes, mixed with her greasy skin cream and deadskin flakes. abajo abajo

Virgin Mary - because she didn't wear a sexy dress?

Winnie - wear a business dress

Winnie - didn't run because went to Yoga instead

Returnee - Free wheel, Macaodrunk, comeinmytunnel, Dr evil, Denvyho

25th Anniversary - Comeinmytunnel

Macaodrunk - read the book how to raise the children

Motormouth - special shirts gift to Thermal dick

Hares - late comer couldn't find the beginning of the trail, because hares didn't mark well

LSW1786 Quarry Bay 110504 Rambo vs Super Rambo