LSW 1785 Hang Hau


A fine run from Tight Lips.

Started at Hang Hau then up Po Shun Road and into the hills. A dash under the road and up Po Lam Road South until we hit steps. There were quite a lot of those as is the wont on this type of trail. Unfortuantely I didn't pay too much attention because I hadn't realized I would be doing the write up. And where did everyone go? I hardly saw a soul the entire run. Halfway between the over testosteroneized FRBs and the chatty socalites out for a stroll of a Wednesday evening there was just one big gap in the middle with only me in it.

So anyways we went up the stairs and then up slopes until we came out into a lovely wide valley stretching gently down. This is a place I remember from many years ago on a hash with Bobbledick and I have been wondering for many years exactly where it was. So a place re-discovered.

Down the valley and over to a small village with no name. Twisting down the paths avoiding the rabid dogs. Thanks Tight Lips. Again I wondered what had happened to my fellow hashers. Where had everyone gone? Eaten by the dogs?

Finally back down Po Lam Road and an extremely wrong and confusing check. I blame Wanchai Wanker. However finally I spotted ADD lolloping off downhill with her dog. Followed her only to be told to go away and do the proper trail which was down some cliff or other.

So yes down the cliff (which had handy ladders and stairs) to Tseung Kwan O Tunnel Road then Po Hong Road and another confusing and incorrect check (bloody Wanchai Wanker) back to a beaming Tight Lips.

A short run at about 6 clicks, but a good one.

So... Indy asked me to do the write up.

"Take notes", she said.

"Oh I'm sure I can remember them.", I said.

Hmmmm..... well.....

From Indy:

Tight Lips - for setting the run.

ADD - for having a doggy partner.

ADD - for not carrying her dog down the cliff.

ADD - for leading Castrato astray.

Catch of the Day - still wearing that same old black bra.

Indy - Can't tell the difference between blue and black.

Toilet Spray - for having a special range of hashers perfumes to make her smell delicious for the on-on.

ADD - for living it up while hubby is away.

Visitors - Hormone Tester, Bitch is Back, Backdraft.

Wanchai Wanker - for not being there.

Virgins - Ronny Yeung.

Returnee - Ashhole.

HP Salsa - asked Ashhole to marry him.

Bitch is Back - Living it up while Wanchai Wanker is in Sri Lanka with the kid.

Knutshy - says track is useless for training. Yeah all those useless Olympic runners eh?

Castrato - for following the wrong trails. You know it's bad when Indy has to show you the way.

Tight Lips - skiving off work.

Chatroom - being rubbish at checks.

Esther, Bitch is Back, Hormone Tester - for spending their time chatting rather than running.

Toilet Spray - Liptons Tea.

FFFM - for being rubbish at checks.

Klaus - for writing 'CARE' at the bottom of the cliff rather than the top.

Klaus - for having black toenails.

GG - Xtra special returnee.

ADD - Having a party for the Royal Wedding.

From Hopeless:

SST - parking her car in the wrong place.

Indy - Lost her torch. Found by Hopeless.

GG - Stealing Indy's torch so it could be 'lost'.

ADD - doggy poo on the trail.


Tight Lips - walk to the bash almost as long as the run.

Backdraft - took an even longer route, adding an extra click for a trip to HSBC.