LSW 1783 Yau Tong


Told just last night in a haze of sake and beer about the responsibility of next week's hare to be the current week's scribe, this scribe is now attempting to jog mental notes of last week's run from a hungover haze.

Run #1783, billed as "Formally Known as the Yau Tong Live-Hare But is No Longer Live-Hared Run" was in fact a rare, live-hared run, hared by now legendary, in his youth, soon to be Guinness book record holder for most runs hared prior to returning to school in the US, K*ntshy. Setting off the live hare ahead of the pack gave late arrivals, like myself, time to get changed and ready for running. The women were set off and the men followed, giving the hare about a 15 min head start. Minutes from the start, a high pitched shout was heard, coming from none other than Sticky Sex Toy, who, still in her street clothes, was trying to find her way to the start. It was later learned that she got lost again on trail and had to backtrack to A.

On on through the Lei Yu Mun restaurant area, all the way to the Tin Hau temple where we encountered the first check to slow the pack up. Turned out to be the steps just in front of the temple entrance and it was on up until another check in a grassy open area around the 2km mark. After front runners checking the road up and down came back, someone finally found flour in the tall thick reeds down the hill and it was on on again. Catch of the Day was shouting "Bobbledick!", to make sure he could hear after straying a bit looking for the trail. After a hard slog through some deep shiggy, we were back out on the same road that we'd just criss-crossed looking for the trail. Had the hare been hiding in the bushes waiting for the pack to get caught in the deep shiggy so he could safely continue on?

Then it was down the road and on to the cemetery. Zig zagging up through the tombs, coming out at the top, then it was on up the trail to another check. After a bit of confusion, it was a steep trail down to a concrete path which took us to the base of Devil's Peak. Then it was up Devil's Peak and down again to a road which was thankfully a gradual decent down into Yau Tong to the Sze Shan Street Garden Park.

A very well set live-hare trail with a good ratio of shiggy, trail and concrete.

Down Downs by Indyanus

The Hares - Kuntshy & Ninja Winja

Ninja Winja - what was his role in haring - 'I'm just the beer bitch'

The hares again - first a live-hare run, then dead, then back to live-hare again

Kuntshy - tried to cammo up to hare last week's Free China Hash and used indelible black marker. Had to use a scouring pad on his face to clean it off.

The short checkers - Thermal Dick and Buttfaan stopped 2 metres short of the on-on during the shiggy check

Kuntshy - got lost in the shiggy as it looked different at night while live-haring

Kuntshy - almost ran into the pack after the shiggy check 'cos the pack was so lost they were checking on the road where he was about to emerge

Thermal Dick - well the one thing I ain't got is sweat…

Toilet Spray - on trail but still managed to get lost

Kuntshy - for dummy spitting and leaving the basho early last week

Catch of the Day - running in pearls

Winnabago - racing on the hash, tried a last minute sprint at the end to overtake Indyanus

Ninja Winja - owed hash cash $40 from 6 weeks ago

Retunrees - Ninja Winja, Bobbledick & Gary Glitter

Visitor - Hans Brower

Inflato - you can't live in the New Territories without an illegal structure on your roof

Macao Drunk - hasn't got an illegal structure

Inflato - might have an illegal structure on the roof of the Love Shack in the form of a built in BBQ, kitchen and rum bar

Ninja Winja - are you going to start the down-downs soon, I promised the restaurant we'd be out by 11 o'clock. Not again…

Non-runners - Inftato & Yummy Mummy

Chris No Name - started the run at 8:10 and arrived at the basho as 10:20. Better than his last Kuntshy run which he started at 10pm and funished at 1am

Castrato - his mother did the last run over Devil's Peak

LSW1783 Yau Tong 110413 8.41km 80mi


LSW1783 Elevation