LSW 1780 Happy Valley


You know when you've been Olya'ed.

Ivana Nucock. The indomitable hare. Impervious to harm. Towed Franz 50 Km on the last Trail Walker. Perhaps doesn't totally understand the frailties of some of the older and wiser hashers. But that's ok because her co-hare will rein her in. Unless of course it's Cnutshy who of course has his own peculiar understanding of how long a run should be. So put the two together and it's marriage made in hell. Or perhaps heaven. What will their children be like?

So on good form, the older and wiser arrived to be told they had a choice between the Super-Wimps, theWimps and the Rambo trails. But at a 10 Km Wimps it wasn't really that wimpish. And at a 15 Km Rambo it was really quite Super Ramboish. Then there was the secret path on the Rambo for the Rambo-Shortcut. Next time perhaps we could have some more? Uber-Super-Wimp, Wimpo-Rambo, Rambo-haircut? All good.

Up Blue Pool Road into the hills. Hopeless striding past like a cheetah. Or a gazelle. Or something fast anyhow. A couple of checks but not a lot. Simple markings then off into shiggy and up endless stairs with a drainage pipe on the right. But this was just a taster - there were to be a lot of endless stairs. At the top I ran into Gobi Lo Ho who disappeared off to the left. That was to be the last time I saw her.

On to Mount Butler Road and up towards the quarry. At the top the Over-Wimps split off to the right and up towards Jardine's Lookout. The rest of us hardened hashers split off to the left and further up the road towards Sir Cecil's Ride. The Mega-Rambos then split off again to the left along a trail which would take them all the way round Braemar Hill to the other side, the Rambo-Shortcut never to be found.

At this point I was in the Wimpo group and made my way up with FFFM and Tight Lips and a variety of other hashers, much harder than I, up to the Avis portacabins on the top of Braemar Hill. At the top, down past the stream to an open check. I went off towards the right meeting a hasher coming back that way,

"No markings that way."

Well there are some hashers you should never believe. And sure enough twenty yards on I espied flour,

"On On!"

And off again. The trail skirted along the bottom of Mount Butler until it met up with the Rambo-Rambo and turned right and up the steps to the top of Mount Butler. Then over the top, past the aerial and down to the right, until it finally met up with the Wampo-Wimbo at the bottom of Jardine's Lookout.

And because we hadn't done enough stairs, off up again up to the top of Jardine's Lookout. Then stopping briefly to admire the view we swooped down to Park View like a cloud of swallows. Well apart from Hopeless who swooped like a gazelle.

Having Wimbo'ed out I was quite looking forward to the climb up Violet Hill, then over the Twins and down to Stanley before a brief supper of roots and twigs. However it was not to be. Unfortunately the trail went down to the Wong Nai Chung Resovoir sitting out area where beer and pizza awaited.

Most back in about 1:20. A super run but perhaps it could have been a little longer.

Down downs were led by Indy before chaos ensued as Cnutshy and Motormouth invaded the floor....

Hares - lots of down downs. Keep up the traditions eh?

Hopeless - Lost in Translation. Lost in Japan. Found again in Hong Kong.

Tyson - only turns up for the American hares.

Ivano & Kuntshy - for peeing on the marks. I'm sure that's what it says on the paper anyhow.

FFF - Eagles on over. Indy?!

Ivana - why is she so happy?

Ivana - Maybe it's because she's soon to be off on a 70km per day, 1600km race.

Wimps - for Wimping.

Rambos -for Rambing.

Castrato - for being left for dust.

Debete- for nothing. Who that?

Returnees - Catch of the Day & Esoteric.

Visitors / Returnees - James Esoteric and Minor Offence.

Motormouth - for complaining that she didn't have a man because they all had Yellow Fever.

All the Asian Girls - for stealing Motormouth's men.

Bangkok - for getting Yellow Fever confused with Yellow Bellies.

Bangkok - for saying that all the men had Yellow Bellies.

Motormouth then explained that she was in fact a Yellow Belly, as that is a name for Lincolnshites due to the Royal North Lincolnshire Militia's bright yellow waistcoats.

F3M - for Hopeless. Or something like that.

Castrato - for forgetting that he had promised to do the write-up.

Ruggero - 600th Run Anniversary. What no shirt?
Indyanus - 275 runs
Essoteric 75 runs. Since 1988. So that's er.. 3 runs a year….

Cheesy Flying Fox & Octopussy - for vanishing off together.

Happy Valley 110323 13.73km 101min


Happy Valley 110323


Happy Valley 3 runs