LSW 1778 Wong Nai Chung Gap


Hare - Ninja Winja

As the early arrivals drifted in at a quite chilly "A" at Wong Nai Chung Gap the talk was of the weather,the ballet,of various injuries. Whoa! Rewind! Ballet? Ballet!? Is this the LSW hash or is this the Womens Auxiliary Balloon Corps? Having said that Any Fanny Will Do (EADWDF) admitted that he was merely trying to demonstrate his sensitive,caring nature by taking his squeeze to the ballet. HTFU!

And so it was that a pack of some 25 finely honed athletes gathered in the falling darkness,chomping at the bit as they listened to the run briefing including the G-string-esque Wambos/Rimps split marking. Off we went down the road & into the Mt Nicholson "secret" trail & soon the G-string split revealed itself. The wambos scrambling straight up into the shiggy,up the ropes, & coming out at the Mt Nicholson aerial station. Down onto Blacks Link,schwinging left onto the HK trail,Middle Gap Rd,Mt Cameron Rd,Wanchai Gap,contour trail, & finally a straight downhill plunge on Bowen Drive then On In to Lockhart Rd Playground. About 1hr 5mins for the FRB's. Not sure who won the hash but there was plenty of racing going on. OnOnOn to the Indian Bash in JoJo mess where the indian clientele were treated to a superb evenings entertainment. Having said that the family on the adjacent table looked like they had just eaten a dog turd as opposed to their onion bajis.

A selection of DD's;-

Ninja Winja: Called KS up to check if I was coming, since "If Gobi Lo Ho's injured and you're not coming, who'll run the Rambos?"

Ninja Whinga - The run ..well prepared and set the night before...but!??

NW - Who was the 'mystery co-hare'? NW's long-suffering g/f who went out and helped to lay the trail the night before but suffered illness whilst doing so ....

NW - Why was there a call for help for a co-hare one day before g/f taken sick???

The Virgin Mary - always ready to accommodate as 'bag lady'?

NW - The briefing...After 5 mins of 'teacher explanations' about the trail and the markings, Inflatadate heard to say....'Have heard enough! Can I FLY now.....'!

Priscilla - on seeing NJ's Wimps Rambos' marking of the triangle? calls out 'Looks more like a G-string than a split'?

Hopeless - adds to last comment, 'How would you know?> When was the last time that you saw one??' ....(Apols: It sounded funnier at the time...!!)

The Hare - After last week's comment to BB re his run 'Great run! A little on the long side though...' this run was surprisingly 'shorter' with all back and accounted for in good time.....well all except for Dick the S**t who took a while to get back with his dud torch....

The Hare - B written on paper and wrapped in foil - 'IF WET, B will be....' 'IF DRY, B will be .....'

The Hare - advertised run as needing gloves....

Bobbled**k - so worried that he was going to bring his helmet and crampons as well...............

BB - on way up shiggy path coming across a hold up, he cries out - what is happening up there?

F3M - screams back 'It's only a hash you is not a race!'

Hopeless - So where did you come in tonight's hash????

Returnees - Priscilla / Malcolm No Name from S/pore...

Returnee - Lost At Sea ...First hash since he was hare on Aussie Day run when he jumped off his boat and yes ...ouch! ....ankle injury...!

Dick the S**t - (lookalike) crawling up ropes up the hill saying 'It's moments like these that I wish I were a stone lighter...'

Dick the S**t - on start of steep shiggy with ropes trying to hold himself up but kept rolling over like Humpty Dumpty ...and bounced back up again!

Come In My Tunnel - Sitting at Bash with a map checking out his run for 3 week's time....dedication!

BB - says to CIMT ....Yep, better get out there and do some reccying! Says BB who reccied his run 3 days before.....!

BB - confusing Nat in Oman's hash name with his real name.....Isn't it Nat?

Hopeless - won the award for knowing his hash name 'Marmalade Head'! Hi there in case you are reading this.....!!!

NW - Jo Jo's - very upmarket after last week's Bash.......

KS's Down-downs

Indy, Ninja and Come in my Tunnel for doing the half
Backdraft for doing the full
Bobbledick for eating the dog biscuits Ivana Nucock brought for Fast Pussy's dogs at CP5
Gobi Lo Ho, Backdraft: Excuses for running slowly (GLH: "My cousin's in town, I have an injury",

Gobi Lo Ho, Backdraft: Excuses for running slowly (GLH: "My cousin's in town, I have an injury",
BD: "I already ran 4 miles on Bowen Road today")

Virgin Mary: Non-runner

Fashion statements:
Virgin Mary: Dressing like Cruella de Ville
Wanchai Wanker, Priscilla: Dressing up in button downs

Inflatadate: Coming into the restaurant and pouring his Asahi in wine glass

Ninja Winja, Backdraft, KS: PBR on the hash

Hopeless: For being a crazy cat man (three cats)

Virgin Mary: Doping on the hash

Ninja Winja: Passing out the B location wrapped like drugs in tin foil

...and after Hopeless downdowns...

Ninja Winja: For throwing up six times when hungover after his last hare

Hopeless' Down-downs

Ninja Winja - don't take all the chalk, I still have to mark the end

Gobi Lo - didn't get apple crumble at HKCC so Hopeless presented her with one

Racing - Kuntshy and Backdraft

Birthday on Friday - f3m

Roll on summer. Flato.

HKCC to Wanchai 110309 Wimps and Rambos