LSW1769 Stanley

Run 1769, the very first run of 2011, took place on Jan 5th. Around 20 regulars + a visiting couple on their honeymoon (gee they must find hashing very romantic) turned up at Murray House despite the drop in temperature and relatively long travel time.

The Hare explained the Rambo & Whimp route saying that upon return the Rambo had to follow the Whip loop until further flour / chalk mark (Honestly I still don't get it.) Those who paid attention were rewarded by completing the whole route and ran to St. Stephen's Bay and back but the not so good listeners (2 teachers included -- shame!) were penalised by running back and forth looking for traces of flour before finally deciding to design their own route back to the start.

We all ran up through Lung Tak Court to Carmel Road and then slogged up through shiggy up to Stanley gap Road. Finding flour proved to be a test of night vision as only a few spoonful of flour was laid on the ground. The hare must be on a budget mode when buying flour. Appareantly the hare said there were no "T" marks but hashers were found running back and forth in the shiggy missing the slight traces of flour at the turns. When we saw the arrow pointing towards the steps, I thought "I knew he would make uS trek up these steps of the Twin Hills."

The hare did show some mercy though, by not making hashers go all the way up but turn left along the catch water. Then a couple of hashers (GobiLo, Indy, SST and Castrato) did enjoy crusing along the narrow pavement (at least at the beginning) thinking it's so nice to be able to actually run for a while. A while turned out to be a solid half an hour run all the way to the junction between Violet Hill and the Twins near Repulse Bay and back. We had no one to blame but ourselves (and the dried up South Side flour) since #1 we did not listen and # 2 we did not see the marking leading us down to Stanley Gap Road again. Then as we ran across towards Healand Road and down to South Bay, we heard Kuntshy shouting, "Is it Devy and Indy?" "How can he possibly be behind us?" I thought. "Did he f***** up like we did?" It turned out that he had finished his loop and was on his way back to Stanley. OK, OK we'd catch up! So we ran down to South Bay Road, turned left and slogged up to Headland Road and turned right again.

Down a long flight of steps we found ourselves on Carmel Road again. The arrow points to the left so we ran left down 200 meters we couldn't find any flour, not even a spoonful. So we turned right, a few hundred meters down the road, no white powder either. "What the hell! Let's venture through the labyrinth of the estate and find our way back to Murray!" I said to Indy. We were not the last people to get back. Kuntshy managed to get lost / fell and hurt his kneel and returned after us. Only the good listeners / runners made the whole route via Stanley Main Beach and St. Stephen's Beach and back. Well done Hopeless and Inflated.

Unfortunately, there were a couple of hash crashes -- Dr. Evil hurt his leg falling down a manhole. He was taken to St. Paul's Hospital and Kuntshy hurt his knee.

Down Downs:

The Hare HP Salsa -- run with no markings and 3 loops

SST -- to guaranteen clear marking for the next run, bought a box of chalk from Hopeless for $7

Rambos -- Inflato + Hopeless

Dog Choco -- yelps at cats

Kuntshy + Dr. Evil -- hash crashes

Hare -- lost cardigan cos he was worried about Winnebago and faithfully waited for her. BUT SHE WAS THE FIRST ONE TO COME BACK. He recalled later.

Motor Mouth -- left her multi-colour amazing coat

Indy -- No DDs

Toilet Spray -- winged about no shower

3FM -- changed into nice swelling

Hare's mrs. -- refuse to bring beer

Wanchai Wanker -- attending his 6th interview the next day

Freewheel -- 25 runs but no hare record

OK, that's it :)


From Dr. Evil:
The two Water Supply Departments guys took me first to a clinic in Chai Wan then to St Pauls hospital where I got 8 stitches. They only speak broken English but they were concerned and friendly. While waiting for the doctor they bought me a meal and once done they drove me home.

LSW 1769


LSW 1769 Stanley 110105 9.51km 70mins