LSW 1768 Tai Wai


Starting point was a park close to Tai Wai mtr.

Hare arrived 20 mins late. After hastily creating a pattern of possible signs we may encounter and explaining there was a wimp/Rambo/Super Rambo split he informed us to go to exit E or F of the mtr to find the start. No chalk was distributed which would come back to haunt us later. Hares instructions proved more difficult to implement than expected and some confusion which caused runners to run around in circles for 20 mins adding a couple of K’s to run. Start of typical LSW hash!

Once on way we ran through some urban areas then up long incline on tarmac surface to top of ?? then down some steps along foresty path then came to wimp/rambos split my group took rambos which continued along level ground skirting some mountain following a pipeline. After 2 k or so came across SR split up a track to left. My pack continued on Rambos another 2k until rejoined by SR. Number of circles on route which we were not sure to do with – normally would have directions marked by now by front runners, we were unsure why not marked thinking it could be because no chalk distributed – in fact it was because no body was ahead as normal as front runners, unbeknown to us were somewhat delayed. The markings were seemingly mainly to confuse at junctions and we found if we more or less ignored them we found ourselves on the correct path. After a long run in and some detours arrived back at start. Unexpectedly we found ourselves to be early arrivals.

Nearly an hour later and still no SR’s, Kuntshy was pacing and fretting realising the SR’s must be well lost. Within few minutes of setting out to search they duly arrived cursing and spitting expletives about the route (at least Hopeless was). After Kuntshy had come in for some initial ear bashing we all went to on-on where everybody made up and enjoyed good and unusually cheap (62 HKD) meal.

Down downs:

Hare: Record (?) 19 down downs. For starters

· From all SR’s
· Late in
· No chalk

Lis: new gps

Oct+lavender: complaining no showers

Winnibago: Power running then still passed by a walker

Non runner: Mrs freewheel – subsequently found to be an error as had completed wimps so down down for hopeless

Bobbledick: putting mm off run by saying it would be long.

HP Salsa: better run next week

Co hare (hares girlfriend): How impressed are you?

F3m+plod(+bobbledick?): Stealing hopeless clothes

S/R 11: hash cash getting Bobbledicks to take padlocks off bag

HP Salsa: No daughters here for run next week

Kuntshy: No San Miguel to be drunk on LSW

Freewheel:didn’t get lost

Plod: marking checks incorrectly

KS: Lost list

KS: Own starting own hash in Santa Barbara for ‘younger’ people.

Apologies as some of down down’s may have got lost in translation.


Tai Wai 101229 17.36km 158mins plus Wimps