LSW 1765 Wednesday 8st December

Sai Kung


Hare - Piss Perfect & Gunpowder Plod

Run Report Run no. 17 .....???????

DISLCAIMER: As the hash was in Sai Kung I didn't have a bloody clue where I was, being from the island and all. Should the geographical content of this email be incorrect, please keep the corrections to yourself and stop being so anal.

Well. It was a freezing night up in Sai Kung for Piss perfect's last run. Freezing as far as HK goes at this time of year. Bordering on minus 7 degress. 13 degress to everyone else in the world.

By 7:10 only 5 or 6 of us had turned up so we set off on the trail. It took us up a trail behind the first bus stop in town and amongst a few houses and villages at the back of Sai Kung town. I felt like was gonna get ripped apart by the howling savages dog's club of Sai Kung as there were so many howling savaging dogs. I hate howling savaging new territory dogs. Shoot the owner. It isn't the dog's fault. Do you get my point? A closed cheque took us passed a few houses and a car park and then up on to a shiggy trail beyond the villages.

The trail took us further and further up the mountain (I'd love to tell you which mountain but I don't have a clue) and then onto a check back on a steep downhill concrete road. The CB took us onto a long uphill shiggy trail. Leaving the shiggy trail brought us all to a big stop. The trail went nowhere, not right nor left. And as if by magic Mr Ben appeared. Mr Ben had gone into the magic room and come back dressed up as Gunpowder Plod. Plod rescued us all from a trail where the markings had obviously been sabotaged by some conniving hash hating fckuer.

Plod's local knowledge led us to the ramps wimbos split. The wimps headed back down the Maclehose towards Shui Long Wo and the Rambos took us a big loop to the north of the Maclehose trail heading up to Ma On Shan. Keen not to get lost Winja, Denvy and Knutshy all stayed with hopeless who seemed to know the area quite well. We passed through a deserted village and down some more shiggy. After two more check backs a long shiggy trail led us back on to the Maclehose trail above Shui Long Wo and we rejoined the wimps. We went down through the villages with their ridiculous amount of savage new territory hasher eating dogs and back into Sai kung town.

A good run all round except for the sabotaged section in the middle.

Down downs by Hopeless

Hare - for being the hare

Hare - for providing no chalk

hare - for wearing orange

Hare - for coming to hash looking like he just walked out of a salon

hare - for being the hare

hare - for losing the last ashes test game. Loser!!!!!!!

Hare - for drinking new Zealand cabernet sauvignon.

hare - for not drinking enough of it.

hare - for running in new trainers

hare - for being the bloody hare

Plod - for being the captain of action.

Plod - for spitting the dummy capital style about Knutshy smoking in the sitting our area.

Plod - for spitting the dummy in almost as good a style as the spit the dummy champion himself - HP

Plod for helping reset the trail

Hopeless for suggesting that he has never seen anybody spit the dummy quite like plod did about the smoking in the park.

Ninja Winja - for being hopeless on the trail (having no idea where he was) and for following hopeless all the way.

Ninja Winja - for ALLEGEDLY complaining about the run!

Knutshy - for ordering a bird's drink - cider!

Knutshy - for being manhandled by Plod.

Knutshy - for smoking in a non-smoking zone! Anyone would think this was HK.

A list of venues for Knutshy

All Auzzies - for being losers (finally, at something).

FFFM - for losing her rag with the bar staff.

Denver Ho - for apparently getting changed in a phone booth.

(Honerary dd - the steamer's landlord for being a knob)

And then we sang the bloody song.

LSW 1765 Sai Kung 101208 12.31km 94mins


LSW 1765 Sai Kung


LSW 1765 Sai Kung