LSW1762 Cheung Sha Wan


Wednesday 17th November

Hare : Denver Ho.

The Run

Despite being dubbed the "Super Rambo run" by the hare, a large pack of 33, including 5 of the USofA's finest Marines, turned up at Cheung Sha Wan Sports Centre in the cooling clime of a November evening.

The hare was still out laying trail as people sauntered in from the MTR station, and at 7pm we were still getting calls from "I'm running late". Well everyone take note - 7pm start is the LATEST to wait or else it impacts timing for the rest of the evening. If you can't make 7pm then you are in "catch up" mode as the pack will be off by then.

So finally at 19:08 we are sent off down Fuk Wa Street, onto Hung Wah Street and an Open Check that had the pack milling around for 750 metres of checking before finally breaking the Check, and onto Kwong Lee Road, and a crafty Check Back through some railings below Cornwall Road. Which only meant looping round to another set of steps, to take us up to the dual carriageway above.

Then, unsurprisingly Tai Po Road and THOSE steps up towards Eagle's Nest. By this time Inflate-A-Date, Kuntshy, Hopeless, Lost At Sea and Frank The Plank were blazing trail. Inflato was full of "I know where she'll take us, this is MY area, I used to train up here all the time...." Which goes to show, double guessing the hare's route can lead you to be...... not in the lead!

Last week's uncaring, laughing, insensitive hare (?!) Come In My Tunnel was pressing out front come the Wimp/Rambo split at the top of the stairs. More country trail to the Super Rambo split which, incomprehensibly, some of the pack missed. Super Rambos bolted along contour trail again, with about 8 of us bunched up together as a couple of Open Checks tested the "it must go this way.... oh, sh*t.....!".

Finally, knowing a downhill shiggy section was coming, the SR's finally found a Check that took us Southwards, and slip/sliding away down to the catchwater and........ what the..... IN the catchwater! Ankle deep in (hopefully) mountain run-off, the SR's finally came to a set of metal steps that took us onto dry concrete and a run onto the top end of Tai Po Road, battling the packs of wild monkeys.

From there it was pretty much a "sprint for home" as the Wimps and Rambos had diligently marked off the Checks, thank you! We passed Dr. Evil and Chatroom who were obviously (a) late for the run (b) taking it easy ahead of this weekend's Trailwalker event.

Standards are dropping with the U.S military nowadays as all the Marines were passed on the run-in, all shell shocked by the experience of an LSWH3 run. "Man, unbelievable, we thought HK was flat and concrete only". Goes to show lads what you can experience outside the confines of Wanchai........ Great run, obviously well recce'd, just under 10km for the super Rambo trai, 8.38km for the Rambos..

It was On On to the local Dai Pei Dong, with Sticky Sex Toy ordering and trying to keep up with Motormouth's constant demands for "more food!".

The Down Downs by Hopeless

Hare - Super Rambos scared off the U.S navy

Master W@nker - :Great run, great run, really enjoyed it"

Only one pair of shoes "because it can't possibly be wet on tonight's run" - Inflato and Master W@nker

Buying sh-t beer - for Yanks - Kuntshy

Lost At Sea - Came straight from airport to avoid asking Indy for permission to come out and play with his friends

Latecomers - Trailwalkers plus Crème Brûlée - what's your excuse?

Trailwalkers/Supporters - Chatroom, Sticky Sex Toy, Ivana Nucock

Chris Oliver - Get here on time!

Last week's smiling insensitive hare - Come In My Phone

BOF - 3 hours on trail last week to get his money's worth

Castrato - Ruggero lookalike - HK$1,000 night last week on the hash

Shitler - stand in hare for Hopeless for Oktoberfest run - thanks!

Missed SR Split - Piss Perfect (poor excuse), Octopussy and Castrato

Priscilla - Returnee and refused to do Down Downs

Returnee - Master W@nker

Lost property - Camel back (Kuntshy) and torch (Master W@nker)

Sticky Sex Toy - where's Hanna Montana?

Lavender - Refused entry to changing rooms

Inflato - One way massages for injuries with Yummy Mummy

F3M - using Hopeless's Hooters white T-shirt so no stains on the dress during dinner

Kuntshy - "Are you happy?" to the twice divorced and now newly married HP Salsa and to Freewheel "so how do you stay happy in a marriage?"

Inflato - "It's the first biggest mistake of your life"

Kuntshy - Needs a haircut , F3M didn't notice Hopeless's sgd10 haircut

Lost At Sea - ultralite, car, boat, all to avoid his son touching terra firma

Inflato and Piss Perfect - Friday H3 shirts in different shades due to washing cycles

Chatroom Paedophile - For all the U.S. Marines and their bad calling

Chris - Russian journalist story from Ivana Nucock

Kuntshy - "Follow my torch" - but finished behind master W@nker

Hopeless - Hash crash

F3M - Has already bought Hopeless's Xmas present

Denver - 7 bags of flour

Yummy Mummy - Braved the ghosts tonight

Lost At Sea - Plod neighbour - now trying to get out of the property purchase pronto!

Master W@nker - Wearing a human condom on the run.

The Song was sung by the Hare and Trailwalkers.

LSW1762 Cheung Sha Wan 101117 Rambos and SR