LSW 1758 Wednesday 20th October

Sai Wan Ho


Hares - Thermal Dick & Hopeless

Another 30 runner turnout.

From the Sai Wan Ho Playground we hit the first check under the elevated Eastern Island Corridor. It could have gone in any direction - continue under the highway towards Quarry Bay Park, right towards the Marine Police Headquarters, left towards Taikoo or back the way we came towards Shau Kei Wan. Taikoo it was with a check back taking us up over Kings Road and to the end of the Kornhill housing complex. A check at the cul-de-sac went down the steps through the carpark to a check on Greig Street. After running round Mt. Parker lodge for a while the trail went down through the playground and into the country park on the Wilson Trail. Up the path next to the storm watercourse where some old boy was having a bath and streaming invective at Any Dick'll Do whose dog decided to bathe upstream of him.

A check named "1, 2+4, Free" at the bridge caused a bit of consternation, but the route was found to the left on "1", that took us up towards the terraces above Shau Kei Wan. The split took the Rambos through a series of S bends down the terraces only to have to go back up the steps again around the reservoir and down into Shau Kei Wan opposite the shopping centre on Yiu Hing Road. From there is was on home along the road towards the Sai Wan Ho MTR. A good run with GPS and other estimates varying between 8˝ and 10˝km. Showers at the nearby sports centre then Pizza in the Park and down downs by Indyanus.

DD's..... and DD write up by Indy (in the absence of our legendary LSW hashers Parky and Park'n Shop who were too busy drinking Champas at a cocktail party!!.. to attend the run!!)

Lead Hare Thermal Dick and Emergency Co-hare Hopeless- Well Done!!

Lead Hare needed co hare as did Reservoir Race last Sunday and twisted his ankle..... still went out and set but assistance needed......

Thermal Dick - making 'observation' in last week's newsletter that run by COTD set off surprisingly early at 7.05 instead of the usual and expected 7.10 so he (and others) late setting off..... then on his run (with co hare) the pack sets off also at 7.05!!!

Toilet Spray - Found Indy when TS was coming back from trail saying that the flour was in the subway...... then proceeded to turn around and go back to subway??? Que???

TS - running without a torch as was in such a rush to set off that left torch in bag..... said to Indy: 'I will stay with you on the whole run'....Hmmmmmmmm!!!! That would be fun in the dark woods, I thought to myself remembering how on a previous occasion myself I asked Piss Perfect if I could share his torch on a dark trail,,,,,to which he zoomed off like I had leprosy or something.....!!

Bobbledick - also found on trail in first KM checking out his torch blow outs... he had 2 and neither of them were working.... Someone did comment if he put batteries in it might help!!!!

The Hares - hidden markings

Any Dick'll Do and Laminated Lover - taking their new baby on the hash----- their newly acquired little pig-dog (as ADWD refers to it)

Laminated Lover - Lovingly and playfully running with the puppy until at an unseen lamppost puppy went one way on lead and LL went another...... result,,,choking puppy

Thermal Dick - That check - 1 2 Free 4.... confused everyone... was that in the briefing?

Virgin Mary - And the dummy spit award of the night goes to...... VM.... was upset by the 1 2 Free 4 markings at that check and no one marked the trail and she had to check it all out..... all, by, herself!!

Octopussy - on trail heard 'Indy's' voice and surprised as did not see her at the start....... but when she turned around she was looking at Piss Perfect! Don't know who was more insulted when she told usboth together!)

Cool weather Rambos - Lost In Space and HP Salsa.... running uphill on R trail and looking good! Boy! Were they proud of that DD!!!

Dr Evil - going to have shower at the Change Rooms in the cleaner's cupboard with mops and buckets but no showers... was told this by PP who himself had shocked the young manager at a McDonalds when he got changed in a cleaning cupboard and was standing there starkas when the young manager opened the door.......

Ian - having a pizza sandwich as he stuffed 2 in his mouth at once...... these poor uni students.... claiming though cause he was vegetarian?.... All vegies in...... I think ADWD went in for a drink also claiming that she has been a vegie once for 9 months....... Que??

Denver Ho - says to Lost In Space... 'Why do you do WH3 when there are lots of other hashes to do.... on Monday and Thursday?.... drrrr.... WH3 is on Sunday... and the other 2 are gay hashes......

ADWD - life changes...... once out there doing training runs of 15kms a day... now thanks to puking etc etc etc puppy and the 2 cats... lucky if she gets a 12 km run in .....

HP Salsa - now he has finally done the deed and got married... when can he set a run?... The call was always... I am getting married soon... I have no time....... and now??

Wilson Trail contenders - Dr Evil/Denver.... Ivana Nuc***

Ivana Nuc*** recently won the Moontrekker race.. in her gender category of course!!

Macau Trailwalkers - 4th place - Ninja Whinger/Ivana Nuc*** and 2 others.....

Hopeless- hash crash at Subic Bay..... so 2 cripples as hares .....

Anniversaries - Ninja Winja 50 runs, Denver Ho & HP Salsa 25 runs.