LSW 1755 Wednesday 29nd September


Chai Wan

Hares - Castrato & bag lady Swine Sucker

The end of the HK MTR line Chai Wan did not deter runners from turning in. Between 18:45-19:15, the pack has swelled to over 25! All these nutheads just for a bit of torture. Not even Willy Wanker could resist a break from his factory.

After waiting for one latecomer to another to sort out their kits, we finally set off at 19:18 and were predictably at the bottom of the cemetery steps in no time. After a few cursing here and there, we got to a check which spread everyone on the road.

A few brave ones persevered the additional uphill steps and we were soon skirting on this flat concrete elevated pathway thru the cemetery for a few kilometers.

Thankfully, the flat bit ended and we were again going up more steps - more cursing from Indy. The split finally emerged which sent the Rambos up Mt. Pottinger - interestingly enough - a wild boar did manifest in his path. (being the FRB).

With Old Sock taking the Wimps - then I had to take the Wimps. More flat and flat running for 3 k's, a little up, then down 500 steps to Mt. Collinson Road.

A very tricky checkback allowed the Rambos to catch us - down the road to yet another pointless CB up the cemetery (again)! Front Running Catch of the Day just carried on downhill and guessed the concrete path down to civilization.

Hopeless, however, did a different set of steel steps and decided to find his own way back to the park.

The rest of the pack rolled in different times. And as of press time, Bear Arse was nowhere to be found. The last we heard, he was just about getting to the R/W split. Oh my….

Down Downs by Indy

Hares - Castrato and Alex - volunteered but turned up late to get the drinks

Alex - offered to look after the bags, but Castrato was there so did nothing

Hares - 26 at the run, only 15 in restaurant - perhaps they are all lost.

Bear Arse - blame him.

Hares - Did not want to go back and search.

Willy Wanker/Dr. Evil/Catch of the Day/Inflate a Date - FRB's

Toilet Spray/ Dr. Evil/Winnibago/Inflate a Date - Returnees

Yummy Mummy - Non Runner

Castrato - Hare - and all these f-cking steps

Comes in my Tunnel - Registering for the 2 Peaks race, but now nervous as he didn't know how difficult it is

Hopeless - having a neckie about lengths of checks - must be <300m.

Hopeless - 8 Dollar haircut and no happy ending.

Bondi - FRB and not marking off checks

Lost in Space - no temple menage

Virgin Mary - Front running down the steps

LiS - using chopsticks

FFFM - after 51 misses, finally leaves Hopeless on the checks

Bondi - getting lost to the OnOn

FFFM - backing down on doing the down downs

LiS - Rescued by Bondi on trail

Castrato - promising lots of cutlery

Hopeless - doing his own trail down

Old Sock - went with Hopeless to do an 'Old Sock' did not want to go back

Those who care - who went back - Comes in my Tunnel

Malcolm - first timer, but did 50K adventure race. Found LSW harder.

Chai Wan 100929 9.18km 84mins