Deep Water Bay


Hares - Motormouth & HP Salsa

About 18 of us set off to the first check behind the golf club. I'm not sure who ever checks up the road any more, but the rest of us went up the shiggy for 15mins to emerge off the catchwater onto Nam Fung Road. The first arrivals all went right at the check up towards the Cricket Club. The next wave checked left until they were met by Denver Ho who had appeared from nowhere. It transpired that Mothormouth had held her back at the start since she had done the self same run with the Ladies several weeks previously.

The trail led diagonally down Nam Fung Road then over the grassy traffic island and towards the steep steps off Deep Water Bay Drive. About half a dozen late-comers missed this and followed Buttfaan down past the South Island School before their slow trudge back up the hill.

All past the eerily abandoned Glendale flats where the Parkies and Etheridges used to live, then along the track leading to Shouson Hill Road West and on down to Wong Chuk Hang Road. The trail went right and right again behind the bus stop into the village where we lost it for a while - well Dr. Evil lost it for a lot longer than a while - we only saw him again after our 3rd beer at the bins… We meantime had picked it up to do a loop round the park and back along Wong Chuk Hang. Across the road and through the Ocean Park car park then past the Hong Kong Country Club and on home along the promenade below Island Road. A good fast run for a hot evening - 48mins for the front.

Beers, a swim, showers then taxis off to a fully booked Sabah restaurant. Fully booked by other people that is… As we contemplated plan B, Inflate-a-Date came to the rescue and led us to a Shanghainese dumpling restaurant round the corner where beer kitties were set up and tons of food was $75 a head.

Down downs were given out by anyone who wanted, started by Castrato who called in the hares, then Motormouth again for a birthday down down. HP Salsa was given a repeat for getting him and his daughters lost on his own run and telling them not to bother with a change of clothes after the run as no one else changes - out running for an hour and a half in 30° heat and arrive back to find everyone else freshly scrubbed. Since there were no notes, the rest of the down-downs are to be forever forgotten, unless someone remembers any and gives them out again on the next run:

Deep Water bay