LSW 1751 Wednesday 1st September


Discovery Bay

Discovery Bay

Hare : Priscilla & Dothan

The 6:30 ferry delegation didn't have to think much about how to get to the start as ex-DB'ite Gary Glitter used to live in the same road. Boilers and clan however weren't seen in DB and it was only a call from the pavilllion above the piazza that meant they had gone to the 'usual' start.

The briefing on Pricilla's lawn, then we all trooped out and on down the path to join the main Discovery Bay Road. Across the road and along Seahorse Lane to a check-back at the end. Confusion set in when the T's were found on the routes back to the main road and no markings were found on the beach path. Parky then led a delegation straight across the main road an up into the hills.

The rest of the pack eventually found the right trail by going through the check-back knowing there must be flour somewhere on the other side. This led us off the beach onto Seebee Lane and along Headland Drive to get back to the main road where Parky et al. had gone into the shiggy 20mins earlier.

Up the big steps then fortunately the trail short-cut left instead of going all the way up the hill and we ran back down to civilization then up the concrete steps from Parkvale Village and up the path to come out on the road towards the reservoir. Across the reservoir and left at the golf course shiggy turnoff and on in towards Serenity.

A hose pipe in the paddling pool to freshen up then plenty of pasta and mango pudding rustled up by Mrs. Priscilla.

A good run and basho.

The Down Downs by Hopeless

The hare - Priscilla.

Failed hare - Buttfan.

Hare helpers - then rejected - Castrato & Hopeless.

Visitors - "Incoming" (Erin) and Julia from Tidewater H3 VA Beach, U.S of A. Plus Daniel Lane, grandson of BOF.

Virgin LSW - Ian Seabury, on only his second ever hash, new to HK.

Returnee - Park n Shop.

TVM - sitting her wet backside on the Priscilla sofa after the run.

Master W@nker - accused of not calling (too fast).

Parky - shortcut at the beach pulling most of the pack through and missing the 2.5km of "road running" down through See Bee Lane.

Freewheel - running in the gay hash vest.

Buttfan - racing on the hash.

Incoming & Hopeless - passing Buttfan but going to house #10 not #11.

Dummy Spit (champion) - Master W@nker - bought a "Torch and Batteries" package only to find the batteries don't fit the torch. On remonstration to the sales person was told to go fcuk himself. No torch on the run.

Dummy spit - F3M because her shoes blew out (failed repair job).

Ian - innovative repair job on the run to F3M's shoes by using the strap of a borrowed torch from Priscilla.

Ruggero - no Hashlist as "the server is somewhere over in Kwun Tong in the process of being moved".

Gary Glitter - has rescinded some subscriptions on his Cable TV.

HP Salsa - fiancÚ called 4 times to check what time he is going home.

BOF - oldest hasher in HK brings in the new blood the grandson.

Master W@nker - finished his 100km desert race, but only 13th.

Grace - excellent food, chef extraordinaire!

The Song was sung by the Hares and those responsible for shortening the run.

Disco Bay 100901 8.81km 71mins