LSW 1749 Wednesday 18th August


Braemar Hill

Hares - Lost in Space & The Virgin Mary

The Run

"I've got a swollen ankle so I can't set the run this week" an "excuse" email suddenly hit the Inbox earlier this week. "Probably because you are always putting your foot in there" I thought quietly (and to this newsletter). Outside chance it was overindulgence in the excellent rum on offer Chez Inflato last week, but I favour the former theory.

So it was with some irony that the first person who I met at the run site was last week's Scribe, HP Salsa, who "escaped a fate worse than death, but I'm glad I only did the write-up", and was grateful to Lost In Space (LIS) and The Virgin Mary (TVM) who stepped in as last minute hares.

TVM, HP and myself then went off to get the drinks as apparently "LIS is lost on trail" and wasn't back yet - some things don't change then, even when he's haring he can't find the way. I'm amazed he hasn't bought himself a GPS watch yet.

More irony as my soothsaying for HP Salsa in The Circle last week was coming true as he proceeded to provide zero help on buying the drinks, but was executing a shopping list from his soon-to-be-betrothed. Having overstayed his "Pink Ticket" last week, and getting home past her bedtime, HP Salsa is not allowed out to play with his friends anymore, and thus did not come to the food. "It's started early" I thought. I had offered him some further advice on the pitfalls of marriage, but I merely got a sheepish grin of resigned defeat. It's sad to see the day when a man finally lies down and dies!

So. to the run. LIS turned up, as did members of the pack as numbers finally swelled to 19, albeit 4 or 5 arrived after the "off". One visiting lady, Bianca, was immediately abandoned by Denvy who brought her along as the "all for one and one for all" mentality kicked in.

The route went up by CIS, shiggy trail up to the 3-way Check at the steps/path intersection. Hopeless right (right), Denvy and the pack up the steps (wrong). The long contour of Sir Cecil's to the road, and the Split. Wimps up through the PCCW buildings, and Rambos down the road, a CB, and then along the river bed, and the long and very shiggy trail that eventually pops out on ridge, The Wilson Trail.

Left, down, down, to a Check at the bridge. Ruggero nails the Check straight on, with ADWD fast on his heels followed by Come In My Tunnel. Trail then ended up on the other (long) river bed back down to Sir Cecil's and a short sprint home down the side of the other school.

Good trail, well marked, lots of flour, and not a whimper of a complaint, even from Buttfan! (No bus stations this week I guess).

The Down Downs by Hopeless

The hares - LIS and TVM

TVM - using Aloe Vera "gel" for her sunburn and reports skin problem to Hopeless via Facebook, in a panic. "Is it poisonous?" she asks? Hopeless makes her drink Aloe Vera drink Down Downs for the rest of the evening. (This is the short version of the DD!!).

Hickey Slut - no idea what "HD" is on TVM's Facebook - Hagen-Dazs !

Crme Brle - been away for 2 months "so I will be slow", not because she is too tired after a holiday with the boyfriend? (Which was speckled with short runs to the WC, a hazard of holidaying in India).

Lost Property - ADWD (Bike seat last Weds); Boilers (shirt left at RS2H3 last week).

The Hares - complete over-supply of ice - 12 bags ordered, 4 used, 2 left at run site.

Visitor - Bianca "from The Netherlands, not Holland, but yes, they are the same place".

Denver Ho - Hopeless's "shadow" on the run to ensure he couldn't "win the hash".

ADWD and Ruggero - doing the same by sending Hopeless off to check out an non-existent Check.

1750th run changes: Hickey Slut & melamine girl (cancellations). Boilers (Rearend Scrubber has scrubbed). Gary Glitter - booked in now, number 37 out of 40 places. Getting the wrong week - Castrato and (Hard Pressed lookalike) Piss Perfect.

Buttfan - "Which one is Mike and which one is David?" - Piss Perfect and Lost In Space DD.

Piss Perfect - complaining LIS recycled most of WH3 run from last Sunday "which was a clusterfcuk"

"Can dogs come on the junk?" - Denver Ho.

Buttfan - local knowledge - not - took nearly 2 hours on the bus to get to the start. Started her run at 19:25.

Return of a Hash Cash(er), Castrato after 6 weeks away - immediately has the Hash Cash bag dumped on him by Buttfan - "It's all yours for the next 6 weeks buddy!".

Hares - caused a Hash Cash subsidy of the restaurant by over ordering of food. Where's Bobbledick when you need him?

ADWD - can't stop talking, yelling to Hopeless on the run from 100 metres away.

Gary Glitter - has no friends, and a weekend in HK so keeps ringing Buttfan to check on FCH3 details. Stops him watching too much educational TV.

ADWD - Friday hash hare, then ADWD gave a DD to TVM and donated some "3B cream" to "simulate spunk Darling"

The Song was sung by the Hares and all those changing their minds about the 1750th run.

LSW1749 Braemar Hill 100818 6.24km 64min