LSW 1748 Wednesday 11th August


Wong Tai Sin

Hare - Inflato

We set off from the park in Wong Tin Ho on a Balmy night. Over a footbridge then upwards on the start of a long incline. By this stage I was already in my normal position to the back of the pack so able to say who was making the running.

The long incline turned into a long long incline that took us past Fat Jong Temple on the left.

The course then changed as we turned off to the left to start a long long ascent by steps some which took us some 400 + ft .

By this time I had caught up with Octopussy who, having returned from a bingeing holiday in Australia was not up to her usual performance and was with me towards the back of the pack.

On nearing the end of the long long ascent, during which there were some spectacular views over the city, we came to the Wimps/Rambos split.

Both myself and Octopussy were debating which course to take when Piss Perfect appeared from the Rambo's trail saying he had decided to take the Wimps course instead - this seemed to make the decision for us so the three of us continued along the wimps trail.

We soon started downhill where we continued a long long descent along a well marked route mainly of steps. Towards the bottom we were caught and overtaken by Rambo's Hopeless and Any Dick Will Do.

I managed to keep them in sight until following a turning sharp left by a bus station found they had disappeared somewhere in the distance. At this point I decided to wait for Octopussy as I didn't know where B was .

We found the trail hard to follow at this point mainly because we failed to cross the road at some point marked with flour so made several excursions along false trails as we went further down hill.

We were eventually joined by Prince Charles who suggested crossing the road where the flour was and then quickly picked up the trail and found our way to the on-on where we enjoyed a fine spread provided by Inflate-A-Date and Yummy Mummy.

Down - Downs

Breon - Coming by bike on A-B hash

Piss Perfect - Doing the wimps trail

Denver Ho + Any Dick'll Do - Not being able to multitask - run and talk at the same time

Virgin - Prince William

Any Dick'll Do + Ivana Nucock - Returned from holidays

Prince William - Disappointed no nurses uniform on display

Buttfan - markings complaints at the bus station, but Winnebago had no problem.

Motor Mouth + Virgin Mary - DFL - Dead F Last.....

Ice Dancer - Visitor and didn't win

Inflate a date + Prince William - Boycotting RS2H3 run tomorrow

Octopussy - Mistaken identity from Hopeless, she is NOT Toilet Spray!

Lost In Space + Piss Perfect - Like twins

Bondi + Price William - Gay showering

Bondi Barbie - Can't tell difference between sausages and chicken wings without glass's

Lost in Space - Asked why "Come In My Tunnel" was going back to Sweden - but he's german......

HP Salsa - Delaying wedding

Ruggero - Late booking for 1750th - had to get pink ticket from Barbie

Denver Ho - Wall sitting on the 56th floor

Gin & Vomit - returnee from 9-09-09

No hash stash - various.

Ruggero - 575
Motor Mouth - 375
Lost in space - 100
Any Dick'll Do - 100

LSW1748 Wong Tai Sin 100811 6.66km 62min