LSW 1747 Singapore Day Run at Belchers Belcher Bay Park, Kennedy Town

The Run: Hasher met up at the Pagoda at the West entrance corner on Sands Street and Kennedy Town Praya tram line. See Fast Pussy's map for details but an excellent shiggy trail for the SR with ropes to help up the hill. Thank you.

The hare: just for being a lone hare and virgin hare

The hare: no ice, delaying the start by 10 mins when the hashers were chomping at the bit

The hare: smallest neatest markings ever

Piss Perfect (look alike Your Choice - well they all look the same anyway) for walking into the ladies toilets to change (and apparently not the first time either)

Toilet Spray: for washing her hair, in the toilet, how does it smell?

Catch of the day: training to catch the hare at a lesser hash on Sat

Catch of the day: as GM declaring that if hare caught she would have to go into the circle topless.

Cara and Andrea: meeting at but with Chartroom P, so is that

All the Chinese: for buying up the kangaroos in Australia and shipping them back for meat. So next time we're at the Chiu Chow restaurant we'll be eating Roo meat not Dog meat.

Catch of the day and Thermal Dick: for wearing tights on one of the hottest days/nights

Winnebago: for icing herself provocatively in front of the men, on one of the hottest days/nights

Toilet spray: was 20 mins late but still passed Virgin Mary 10 mins into the run

Sweaty Snail gobbler: in after 50 mins and passed MM on the way out.

MM: for doing the shortest run ever, we would ask her where she went but we don't have 2 hours to spare

Your Choice: returning after 25 years away – was here before MM joined the hash, lucky bastard.

New Disco Bay resident: Thermal Dick, said I would introduce him the Priscilla and that they could catch the ferry home. No thanks he says I can't wait for the 3am ferry every Thursday morning (Q: which ferry did you catch?)

Sweaty Snail Gobbler: returnee

Sweaty Snail Gobbler: for burning down the restaurant cooking frog's legs and snails so that he could get a 2 week holiday

Fast Pussy: munching away at the Pringles but slating them saying they were not as delicious or nutritious as Stax crisps made by Pepsi... coincidentally Fast Pussy works at Pepsi.

Fast Pussy: tax lawyer, very imaginative when adding up the totals for hash cash, adding that extra tax here and there.

HP Salsa: for trying to hide the fact that it was his birthday (ok yesterday) full glass down down while the posse sang Happy Birthday.

HP Salsa: for buying all the drinks tonight, no?

Cara: trying not to drink for the whole of August, we won't tell the BF if she doesn't. Plus she should pick February, it's the shortest month

Fast Pussy and Andrea: dressed up in red and white but Fast Pussy won by wearing red and white flip flops too. Prize plus drinks awarded by the Hare. We're all off to Fast Pussy's place for Beef Rendang next week.

Priscilla: struggled to get at the food because of two Tsing Tao bottles in front of him to which he replied…."I would rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy"

Hare: for doing a 250k desert training run so that she could set a LSW R, SR, W and SW (for MM)

Fast Pussy: for doing TWO 250k desert training runs but has still not set a LSW run. Don't worry Indy will be on the telephone soon.

All the females: this is the first time in LSW history (ok a little poetic licence here) where the females have outnumbered the males. Bring on the Babes Hash

HP: Salsa: doesn't like bones but don't worry Winnebago does so they should always eat together

Freewheel: wasn't go keen on the noodle pancake with sugar and vinegar (a Chiu Chow delicacy), likes his sugar in his beer, and so we obliged him and served his Down Down with sugar.

Priscilla likes his beer with sugar AND vinegar. Down Down.

Finally, DD to the Hare and Virgin Mary: for ordering such delightful food and see below if you'd like to cook the pancake at home.

FFFM: for making the odd mistake, including 5-4-3-2-1 instead of the customary Down Down Down Down!

And the song was song by the Hare, Virgin Mary, Your Choice to see if he remembered and the Scots, Sweaty and Thermal Dick.